A consultant to conduct training on Child-friendly Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms.

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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is a global humanitarian organization with a mission to work with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change. ADRA belongs to the worldwide network, comprised of more than 130 supporting and implementing country offices. ADRA is seeking to recruit a consultant to conduct training on Child-friendly Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms.

Purpose and Objective of the Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to establish and strengthen child-friendly complaint and feedback mechanisms by collecting and responding to feedback and complaints provided by children, young people and communities, and continuously improve programme activities based on feedback received.

The following objectives are to be achieved:

  1. Identify the feedback and complaint preferences and needs of all children.
  2. Determine whether agency channels and mechanisms currently in use match these preferences and needs and identify where the differences lie.
  3. Support establishment of contextually appropriate channels that are accessible to all children.
  4. Document the impact of feedback and complaints from children on programme quality and how it is different from adult-exclusive feedback impact.

Scope of Work

  • A child-friendly feedback mechanism should have a clear purpose and scope that define what types of feedback the mechanism will collect and respond to. Although feedback mechanisms may vary from setting to setting, it is recommended that the scope of this assignment be broad and all-inclusive of various types of issues, feedback and complaints. In specific terms, the scope of the feedback mechanism should include the following:
  1. Feedback related to the educational support provided by ADRA and her partners including the Ministry of Education and Community Education Communities.
  2. Concerns related to safeguarding children and young people including discrimination, exploitation, and abuse
  3. Feedback related to staff misconduct, including fraud and corruption.
  • The school shall be the locus for all activities regarding the assignment.
  • The consultant shall be expected to identify organizational policies that link to the feedback mechanism. It is important that a feedback mechanism is well-connected to existing organizational policies to prevent and respond to staff misconduct, and that the existing reporting mechanisms are being followed, to avoid creating duplicative reporting protocols and focal person.
  • The consultant shall also check the existence and implementation of policies on Child Protection and staff Code of Conduct.


The ToT Training Guide will be required for facilitate simple and understandable training techniques that can easily be understood by the participants. Participatory training will be critical to stimulate learning and facilitate discussion. Relevant case analysis, lectures and presentations will be the main training methodologies. In overall, least cost but most effective approaches for delivering the assignment shall be employed. The viability of the proposed approaches and methodologies will be discussed by the project team prior to commencement of the assignment.

The following methodology is recommended:

  • Identify the feedback and complaint preferences and needs of all children in varying contexts then integrate questions related to these on the assessment tools.
  • Determine whether the current feedback channels and mechanisms within the schools match the preferences and needs of children.
  • Identify where the differences lie and review community context for culture, tradition and community practice sensitivity.
  • Design and support establishment of contextually appropriate channels that are accessible and safe to all children. Check if there is a need to design multi-channels based on the preferences of the children.
  • Design relevant and appropriate feedback mechanism guidelines and flow chart that would be helpful for community sensitization. Inform children how and when to provide feedback.
  • Prepare the communities and sensitize children on their rights and sense of entitlement in providing feedback.
  • Track changes and make feedback a two-way process.
  • Guide on documenting the impact of feedback and complaints from children on programme quality and how it is different from adult-exclusive feedback impact.
  • Demonstrate trust and confidentiality in collecting feedback and complaints. Let the children know that their feedback and complaints are welcomed, recorded and analyzed.

Expected Deliverables

All deliverables will be completed with guidance, input and feedback from the Project Manager or designate. The following outputs are expected:

    1. Inception Report and detailed work plan for undertaking the assignment
    2. Draft and Final Training Report including the training manual
    3. Framework for Child-friendly Feedback Mechanism

Further Information

  • Logistics: travel logistics for the assignment shall be inclusive of the facilitated funds.
  • Fees: shall be payable to the extent of the jointly agreed and costed workplan for the assignment to be delivered.
  • Tax and insurance: shall be the responsibility of the contracted party as appropriate during the assignment period.
  • Code of conduct: the engaged party shall be bound by the principles and conditions of ADRA’s Code of Conduct.

A contract will be signed by the engaged party prior to commencement of the assignment. The contract may detail additional terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables.

Qualifications of the Consultant

  1. Post-graduate or graduate studies in clinical psychology, protection or related topic
  2. Good technical knowledge on child protection and child rights issues in line with UNICEF/INEE standards.
  3. At least 3 years of experience in psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions, specifically working on MHPSS and protection system development.
  4. At least 3 years of previous experience in providing protection services to displaced populations, migrants, refugees or conflict affected populations.
  5. Demonstrated experience in the development of training curricula and solid understanding of adult learning principles.
  6. Fluency in Somali language is a mandatory requirement for this consultancy.

Application Requirements:

All expressions of interest should include:

  • Cover letter, maximum three pages.
  • Detailed curriculum vitae.
  • Technical Proposal: maximum 5 pages interpreting the understanding of the TOR, detailed methodology of executing the task, as well as draft work plan.
  • Financial Proposal: should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees but to exclude accommodation and living costs; transport cost; stationeries, and supplies needed for the training as well as costs to be incurred by trainees.

How to apply

For full Terms of Reference (TOR) please visit ADRA website www.adrasom.org. Applications for this consultancy should be emailed to the Human Resource Manager using the email hr@adrasom.org not later than 12th November 2022 with “Expression of Interest for Child-FriendlyComplaints & Feedback Mechanism Trainingin the subject line.

‘’ADRA is committed to upholding the rights of all children and vulnerable adults that we serve and those we interact with in the course of our work. We endevour to protect all from all forms of abuse and exploitation as outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) six core principles on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA). ADRA has zero tolerance to abuse and exploitation of beneficiaries and staff.’’

This job has expired.