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The Finance Manager is responsible to provide strategic direction and operational guidance on financial management and compliance matters of NCA Somalia. In short he/she is in charge of overall financial management for Somalia Programme. As a member of Somalia Country Program Senior Management Team, it is expected that the Finance Manager will provide core program finance performance indicators to SMT on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide strategic guidance on remedial actions.
Finally, Finance Manager is responsible for overall financial management for all the field offices, and support NCA staff and partners institutional and organisational capacity development in collaboration with programme staff. Not the least, be an active member of the country change management process and implement the strategic and operational actions of the Support Services by ensuring compliance and bringing innovative approach.

Main purpose for this position:

Set up and develop a financial function for the two countries with the ability and capacity to manage funds from different donors and provide high quality services and support to program departments, Head Office and partners.

  • Financial processes: Overall responsibility for financial processes, in accordance to NCA procedures and national legislation in the two countries.
  • Planning and budgeting: Ensure good quality and timely assistance to program and grant staff in developing proposals and setting up new project.
  • Financial analysis: Provide reports, analysis and strategic recommendations in a timely manner to assist in decision making for project managers and the senior management team.
  • Compliance: Develop and ensure that proper financial monitoring systems are in place such that financial processes comply with NCA’s routines, guidelines, and multiple donor regulations.
  • Department: Build up, develop and ensure the capacity of our staff within finance and accounting for the two countries, including the field offices.

Relationship with key stakeholders:

Develop excellent relationship with the key stakeholders, Head Office, Donors, Program staff and partners.

1.Financial processes:

  • Monthly and year-end closing in a timely and correct manner.
  • Timely and efficient payments and bookkeeping procedures. (donor reporting).

2.Planning and budgeting:

  • Take part in the budgeting process from the concept note stage and work “smart” together with program staff to develop a sustainable budget.
  • Ensure that finance staff has good understanding of their role as well as donor requirements.
  • Ensure that finance staff is available for budgeting process at an early stage and all through the process.

3. Financial analysis:

  • Provide regular financial reports to project managers and the SMT.
  • Advise and alert SMT and Grant responsible at an early stage when substantial deviations from budget.

4. Compliance and internal control:

  • Set up of an internal control and monitoring system.
  • Ensure timely and qualitative follow-up of partners.
  • Provide quarterly reports of the follow up of our internal control.
  • Advise at an early stage when difficulties with a partner arises.

5. Department:

  • Build up, develop and ensure the capacity of our staff within finance and accounting for the two countries.

The position requires a great deal of focus here and now but also for the future. In addition, it is important that the person has a high sense of responsibility and a personal set of values that are consistent with the NCAs.

This position is for those who want to develop their professionalism and personality and at the same time, have a solid experience in management and in-depth knowledge and understanding of economics.
We can offer a position that really make a big difference in people’s everyday lives, and at the same time become a part of an organization that works to make a positive difference for people in many countries who needs help in different ways due to war, famine and other disasters.

Should you still be interested after reading this ad, we recommend that you apply for this position.
And of course, we offer a competitive salary package.

In accordance with core humanitarian principles, NCA implements a range of safeguards to prevent or reduce the possibility of humanitarian aid falling into the wrong hands. This includes those individuals and groups who are subject to sanctions by the United Nations Security Council. As part of this process, NCA will screen the details of the successful candidates for this post against the sanctions lists maintained by the UN and by some of NCAs governmental donors.

We encourage all qualified persons to apply for a job with us, regardless of gender, age, disability or cultural background. Through our recruitment portal, you can register and submit your CV, write an application / cover letter and attach relevant certificates. Only applicants using this electronic portal will be considered for the position.

Before you submit your application, we kindly ask you to read the ACT Code of Conduct for the prevention of misconduct, including corruption, fraud, exploitation and abuse, including sexual; and to ensure child safeguarding and the Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse and Child Safeguarding policy. All staff are required to sign the Code of Conduct and Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse, and Child Safeguarding Policy when entering into any kind of engagement with NCA.

How to apply

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