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Overview of position

The proposed Somalia Governance Project aims to strengthen public resource management by supporting public finance management (PFM), domestic resource mobilization (DRM) and public sector reforms (PSR) through the following approach:

i. Taking a whole of Somalia Federation approach, while recognizing the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Federal Members States (FMSs) have different regional specifics and capacity levels.

ii. Ensuring key results from investments made in the first phase of Governance projects – Domestic Revenue Mobilization and Public Financial Management Capacity Strengthening Project (DRM & PFM), and the Capacity Injection Project (CIP) – are delivered and consolidated, and no gaps arise in support as the new project gets underway.

iii. Taking a problem-driven, prioritized, and results-focused approach with an emphasis on improved functions and their contribution to development results; utilizing performance-based conditions (PBCs) as appropriate; and drawing lessons from the support to date.

iv. For the FMSs, adopting flexible and rapidly deployable modules that can be selected, tailored, and sequenced based on the entry points and capacities of the individual FMSs, with performance indicators as potential triggers for deployment on subsequent modules/activities.

v. Supporting appropriate harmonization and leveraging opportunities for cross-FGS/FMSs activities where possible (e.g., training programs).

vi. Leveraging synergies between the different dimensions of public resource management within FGS and each FMS, and with the Recurrent Cost and Reform Financing (RCRF) program.

vii. Collaborating and developing an appropriate division of labor with relevant Development Partners such as Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the future Public Resource Management in Somalia (PREMIS) program.

Role objectives

The scope of the proposed project will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Public financial management (PFM), including procurement related activities: (i) strengthening and harmonizing budget preparation and execution at FGS and FMSs; (ii) improving top down and bottom-up accountability via citizen engagement and strengthened institutions of accountability such as the Parliament and the Office of the Auditor General; (iii) strengthening the legal and regulatory framework and building capacity in procurement; and (iv) improving PFM in the security sector in selected FMSs, based on demand.
  2. Domestic revenue mobilization (DRM): (i) contribute to government-led reforms that help transition to a national inland revenue administration by harmonizing and strengthening the inland revenue operations at the FMSs with the FGS; and (ii) contribute to government-led reforms that help transition to a national customs administration by harmonizing and strengthening the customs operations at the FMSs with the FGS.
  3. Public Sector Reforms (PSR): (i) institutional strengthening: Review current public sector employment levels and potential trajectory over the medium-term, and the current core Human Resources (HR) functions for each FMS. Identify the priority HR and other common functions to be established/strengthened in the short term, and to be the focus of project support; (ii) building of FMS public/civil servant capacity and continuing support to capacity building in FGS/PSS (with a focus in key sectors), using where possible existing institutional structures being built for PSS and utilizing distance and e-learning; (iii) strengthening the policies and procedures for civil service management in areas such as expansion of the pension system; implementation of pay and grading systems; expansion of the human resource management information system; and (iv) supporting the improvement of Performance Management to improve service delivery: support to FGS, PSS, and Somaliland in developing fit-for-purpose tools for managing performance.

1. Consultancy objectives

The main purpose of this consultancy is to conduct a civil works assessment and inspection of physical infrastructure relating to the new Governance Operation. The results of this assessment will inform and guide planning for the governance project, which is intended to strengthen public resource management by supporting public finance management (PFM), domestic resource mobilization (DRM) and public sector reforms (PSR).

2.1 Specific objective

Conduct a civil works assessment of physical infrastructure at Civil Service Commission; Ministry of Labour; and Auditors General offices in Jubaland, South West, Hirshabelle and Galmudug.

i. Undertake secondary literature review and infrastructure spatial mapping using existing datasets, obtaining GPS coordinates for proposed office locations (expressed as the combination of latitudes and longitudes for the proposed sites) using a handheld GPS receiver, and integrating this data into remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms (including the acquisition and analysis of recent satellite imagery) to derive and establish the existing availability of physical infrastructure, existing land use and land cover.

ii. Based on the above, prepare a comprehensive baseline infrastructure profile for all the states.

2. The scope of work

The scope of work will be mainly to assess the baseline infrastructure status of the Civil Service Commission offices in various offices and Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). Baseline infrastructure for Auditors General offices will be conducted in the four federal member states of Jubaland, Southwest, Hirshabelle and Galmudug.

3. Deliverables and timelines

The consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables:

i. An inception report after the signing of the agreement detailing the contextualized approach and work plan.

ii. Assessment instruments/Data collection tools (including GIS images) and protocol for the assessment with lists of interviewees.

iii. Rapid assessment report on physical infrastructure in five Somalia states, including possible recommendations

iv. Briefing of the key findings to relevant stakeholders.

Project reporting

This role reports to the Project Manager.

Key competencies

Interested consultants should demonstrate the following qualifications and experience:

· An expert with at least a master’s degree in Civil Engineering or Urban Development Planning and at least 10 years of experience in civil works /infrastructure assessment and development.

· A track record (minimum ten years) of applied research and operational experience in urban development and infrastructure in Somalia or similar environment.

· Familiarity with the use of GIS for spatial analysis, especially the use of GEE and ability to run scripts in the API.

· Demonstrated experience in undertaking socio-economic and political economy assessments in FCV countries.

· Demonstrated efficient communications and coordination skills to lead dialogues on complex development issues with government counterparts across multiple levels of government.

· Excellent workflow management and task organization skills.

· Demonstrated track record in undertaking urban infrastructure related assessments using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

· Proven track record in translating analytical findings into recommendations for operations and policies.

· Ability to independently access and work in the selected states

· Working in FCV and conflict-disaster nexus situations. Previous work experience in Somalia highly desirable.

Team management

This role does have a team management responsibility

Further information

All primary data collected during the contract is the property of Our client and the Government of Somalia. The use of primary data without the consent of our client and the Government of Somalia is strictly prohibited. The consultant shall store complete survey instruments and supporting materials for a one-year period following completion of the field work and Our client has the right to access them at any time during that period.

How to apply

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on CTG website as a candidate & apply for this role using this link:

Mogadishu, Somalia


This job has expired.