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Communications Specialist

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Overview of position

The ultimate goal of strategic communications is to advance the national interest and to support national policies and objectives. It is imperative that governments develop more elaborate and formal communications policies or strategies to keep pace with a rapidly evolving information environment. This is especially very important for countries that are emerging from decades of civil strife like Somalia. In order to attain and sustain a desired level of stability, the ​Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) ​which is the internationally recognized government of Somalia, and the first attempt to create a central government in Somalia since the collapse of the Somali Democratic Republic has over the years worked tirelessly to foster peaceful coexistence, political inclusivity and the overall reconstruction and development of the country with the significant aid of effective communication strategies.

Purpose of the position

The office of the President led by H.E President Farmaajo, based in Villa Somalia has a main role of leadership of the government and oversight. In order to effectively achieve its oversight role, the office of the President needs the valuable assistance of a Strategic Communications Specialist/Advisor that will lead in developing communications strategies, effective crisis communication, guide on governance communications approaches and strengthen partner relations. This would satisfy an implicit constitutional obligation laid upon democratic governments to inform and explain and, therefore, to communicate effectively. More simply put, strategic communications give OOP the chance explain themselves more clearly and convincingly in order to gain and maintain public support for policy, and to ensure that messages and actions do not conflict with each other and undermine the competence and reputation of government

Role objectives

Roles and responsibilities

◆ Lead strategic communications advisor to the office of the President
◆ Develop and supervise execution of development strategies at office of the president
◆ Focal point for partner relations and resource mobilization
◆ Design, select and oversee strategic communication, public outreach, and messaging activities.
◆ Coordinate key projects and activities within OOP and with other government agencies (transboundary water diplomacy committee, FGS-FMS Secretariat among others)
◆ Prepare speeches and any other strategic communications engagements for the presidency when called upon
◆ Management of crisis communications when necessary
◆ Monitor political trends, public opinion on government and advise accordingly on approach
◆ Support the Chief of staff in coordinating the preparation and implementation of strategic plans
◆ Provide coordination, management and support to the advisers of the OOP.
◆ Any other activity assigned by the supervisor

Project reporting

​​​​​​This position reports to the Project Manager

Key competencies

Experience and skills
◆ A Master’s degree level
◆ Background in communications or international security
◆ Solid analytical and problem solving skills
◆ Fluency in Somali and English
◆ Profound understanding of the political, security and socioeconomic dynamics of Somalia.
◆ Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, a passion for the work.
◆ Knowledge on FGS policies, regulations, procedures and practices
◆ Excellent report writing skills
◆ Excellent communication and organizational skills
◆ Team work
◆ Ability to work odd hours when called upon eg. in times of crisis communication

Team management

Not required

Further information

To be advised

How to apply

Interested candidates please apply through below link:…

Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.