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Consultancy for business development support focussing on financial inclusion and market linkage for Self Help Groups and youth, Somaliland

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1.0 Background

Protracted Conflicts and coupled with natural disasters plus cultural links are the main drivers of population movements through Somaliland. While there is an estimated 2.6 million internally displaced people in Somalia, with approximately half of these living in IDP settlements (in urban areas and host communities); close to 85,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are currently living in Somaliland.

Displacement affected communities in Somaliland continue to live in dire conditions in protracted displacement. For many, prospects for durable solutions remain remote. They are disproportionately at risk of gross abuses of human rights, especially women and unaccompanied children.

Concern Worldwide is implementing a number durable solutions initiatives for IDPs and vulnerable members of the host communities in Somalia. The Somaliland Durable Solutions Consortium project (The Wadajir project) – Enhancing Durable Solutions for and Reintegration of Displacement Affected Communities in Somaliland” is part of the wider durable solutions programme initiatives by Concern WW in the Horn of Africa. The project seeks to create a conducive environment for displacement (or mixed migration) affected communities (DACs) in Somalia to reach a durable solution.

Under the project, Concern WW works towards achieving improved access by DACs to adequate livelihoods through generating income and assets, gainful employment, and managing financial risk as other non-displacement affected communities. The major focus is to support women organise themselves into Self Help Groups for women to promote local savings to enhance access to micro finance. In addition, Youth are supported to acquire basic vocation skills, and are mentored in entrepreneurship and SMEs among others. However, the organised women groups and trained youth have either struggled to implement their business plans and or to grow them into viable business enterprises. Given their displacement situation, access to finance has been a very big challenge. This is partly because they do not have the collateral neither strong social networks to guarantee links to financial inclusion and to markets. This has greatly undermined opportunities for local economic integration and ultimately to achieving durable solutions.

  1. Purpose of the Consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to provide business development support to programme participants (targeting organised women and youth groups) who have been trained on economic empowerment initiatives under the SHG and Learn to earn model. The ultimate objective is to come up with clear recommendations on how to strengthen market linkages and financial inclusion for the target groups.

The consultant will work with selected target groups to analyse their business ideas /plans, identify Strength, weaknesses and opportunities plus any threats to further their businesses ventures without additional direct financial support from Concern Worldwide. As part of this assignment, the consultant is expected to recommend a set of interventions or initiatives for Concern to further support and strengthen the target group’s small scale businesses. These measures will support the phase-out of the Somali land Durable Solution Consortium (SDSC) project and be part of Concern’s exit strategy, as well as guide possible future scale up interventions.

To achieve this, the consultant is expected to:

  • Review selected business plans among organised women and youth groups and support participants identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for different income generating interventions and how to maximise opportunities and mitigate threats.
  • Make recommendations on how Concern worldwide can support and strengthen further business activities particularly through improved market linkages and access to financial services.

This consultancy will further be part of a set of various consultancies on similar or related topics that Concern is commissioning through various grants, i.e. the development of a strategy for economic development for South West State under Danwadaag Durable Solutions Consortium. Thus the consultant will have access to or will be expected to refer to other outputs in the attainment of this piece of work.

3.0 Essential and Desirable Experience/Qualifications

  1. Master’s degree in a relevant field such as Business Administration, and or economics with a bias on private sector development.
  2. At least 3 years “hands on” experience in developing and implementing promotion of market linkages and financial inclusion for informal small businesses and marginalised communities
  3. Practical experience in the developing local initiatives for linking poor marginalised communities to markets and financial service providers
  4. Superior analytical skills including quantitative research activities in terms of planning, implementation and data analysis;
  5. Good interpersonal and people management skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with government officials and key stakeholders.
  6. Experience of working in Somalia/Somaliland is an asset
  7. Evidence of similar work done (to be submitted with the proposal/application).
  8. Practical working knowledge of the Somali Language for full explanation of various aspects being interrogated in the assessment is an asset
  9. Superior knowledge management, communications, report writing and presentation skills;
  10. Objectives and Specific Tasks to be undertaken by the Consultant(s)

The objective of the consultancy is to provide basic business development support to programme participants (SHGs and L2E students) of the SDSC programme; and make concrete recommendations plus action plans on how financial inclusion and market linkage can be improved among youth and women in IDPs and host community members in target locations/ areas. The consultant will recommend interventions and practical steps needed to support women and youth in developing their informal businesses further, without direct financial support from Concern.

Key tasks:

  1. Undertake desk review of key project documents especially market assessment reports and those relating to financial services access from previous studies/or other consultancies.
  2. Review business plans of programme participants (SHGs and youth) and support them identify Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for different income generating interventions and how to maximise opportunities and mitigate threats.
  3. Identify financial products and services (both informal and formal financial institutions) available to women and disadvantaged youth among IDPs and the host community;
  4. Analyse any barriers to financial inclusion and market access and recommend practical ways to overcome them
  5. Identify possible ways to improve market linkages and make recommendations on how Concern can support efforts to strengthen these links in the context of protracted displacement.

5. Outputs/deliverables

The following deliverables are requested from the Consultant:

  1. An inception report after desk review and initial briefing with Concern Worldwide, outlining the methodology and clear work plan
  2. Comprehensive report outlining recommendation for strengthening financial inclusion and market linkage among SHGs and youths participating in Concern WW economic empowerment programmes.

NB: In addition to methodology, findings and discussion, the report should include a comprehensive executive summary and a section outlining clear and concise conclusions and recommendations.

A digital copy of all reports will be required by Concern at the end of the piece of work.

6. Lines of Communication**

The Consultant is accountable to Concern WW Country Director – Somalia/Somali land or his designate for overall management of the consultancy plus any issues arising.

For the day-to-day activities during the consultancy, the Consultant will coordinate closely with the Area Coordinator Somaliland with a technical support by the Durable solutions Coordinator.

7. Timeframe

The task is expected to commence as soon as possible, latest mid-December 2019, and is expected to take ca. 21 working days, including document review, data collection/field visit, analysis and report writing. The timeframe for each phase of the consultancy will be outlined in the Consultant’s proposal and will be agreed with Concern; and the consultancy should be fully completed by latest 10th January 2020.


8. How to Apply

Application dossiers should be sent by email to by 18th November 2019, 5pm EAT (GMT+3). To be eligible for review, dossiers must include all of the following:

  • Understanding of the task and an outline of the approach to be taken, with a full clear methodology and suggested stakeholders to be engaged
  • Explanation/evidence of how you fulfil each of the essential criteria mentioned in point 3 above.
  • Financial bid in US dollars (specifying daily rates or lump sum fee, plus all related costs e.g. transport and administration related)
  • CV of lead consultant and key team members
  • Bullet point list of similar assignments undertaken
  • At least 1 example of original writing (minimum 3 pages), preferably from a similar assignment
  • Details of 2 contactable referees
This job has expired.