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Consultancy for developing an economic and livelihood strategy for Displacement Affected Communities in Baidoa & Afgoye, Somalia

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Consultancy for developing an economic and livelihood strategy for Displacement Affected Communities in Baidoa & Afgoye

1. Background

Following the protracted conflicts in Somalia coupled with natural disasters, especially impact of drought due to frequent failed/poor rains, there are more than 2.6 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Somalia, and a significant number of returnees. Despite efforts to achieve durable solutions for displacement affected communities, resources and capacities of host communities and the government are overstretched.

Under a series of project initiatives, a number of humanitarian actors (INGOs, LNGOs and UN agencies) are supporting a set of self-reliance interventions primarily targeting youth and women in IDP settlements. However, weak or limited clarity on market linkages, lack of access to financing opportunities, lack of effective skills development, limited business information and poor business mentorship initiatives plus lack of coherent approaches and principles to economic empowerment of displacement affected communities represent major challenges to achieving self-reliance among vulnerable IDP youth and women.

Ongoing economic empowerment initiatives in building self-reliance among Youth and Women observed a disconnection between employable opportunities and micro financing initiatives; particularly those who graduate from TVET, SHGs and SMEs training programs. In trying to address the observed disconnections, CWW and its consortium partners through a new project – Enhancing conditions for durable solutions for IDPs and returning refugees in Somalia – would like to develop a broad and a coherent strategy for increasing self-reliance through inclusive sustainable economic opportunities in close collaboration with local private sector, development partners, diaspora and government. To this end, an experienced consultant to support this process is being sought.

2. Purpose of the Consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to develop a comprehensive economic and livelihood strategy for Displacement Affected Communities (DAC) in Baidoa and Afgoye; with a clear actionable plan for the implementation of livelihoods and self-reliance initiatives through sustainable income generation and employment opportunities in close collaboration with private sector, government authorities and other development partners in the DACs – incubator locations.

3. Essential Experience/Qualifications

Consultant should have the following minimum qualifications:

i. Masters level degree in a relevant field such as Business Administration, and or economics with a focus on private sector development and financial inclusion.

ii. Good understanding with proven country context experience in facilitating private sector development and promoting small and medium scale business enterprises and entrepreneurship.

iii. At least 3 years “hands on experience” in developing and supporting promotion of small and medium scale business and employment opportunities for youth and women in a post conflict setting.

iv. Practical experience in value chain analysis and in developing markets that work for the poor and marginalised communities.

v. Superior analytical skills including quantitative research activities in terms of planning, implementation and data analysis;

vi. Good interpersonal and people management skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously with government officials and key stakeholders including the programme participants themselves.

vii. Experience of working on similar assignments in Somalia and understanding of the urban/pre-urban economies, and dynamics of displacement in South West State.

viii. Evidence of similar work done (to be submitted with the proposal/application).

ix. Practical working Knowledge of the Somali Language for full explanation of various aspects being interrogated in the assessment.

x. Strong report writing and presentation skills

4. Objectives and Specific Tasks to be undertaken by the Consultant(s)

The consultant is expected to lead and facilitate processes and undertake actions contributing to the development of an economic and livelihood strategy for Displacement Affected Communities in the incubator locations with a particular focus on Baidoa and Afgoye.

Key Tasks

• Analyse and undertake a systematic mapping exercise to profile and provide detailed information on the key private sector players in the local economy; highlight existing and potential linkages among key individuals, selected organisations in the private and public sector; plus interest groups to foster local economic integration and peaceful co-existence of DACs in target incubator locations in Baidoa and Afgoye Districts.

• Systematically identify existing local economic potentials/opportunities and suggest those that can increase competitiveness of livelihood interventions to be prioritized in selected locations for generation of new employment and household income for the displacement affected population in Baidoa and Afgoye Districts.

• Conduct a comprehensive market system analysis to identify viable value chains both at micro and at meso levels; and make reasonable recommendations to further develop value chains that can offer great business opportunities, employment creation and income generation for DACs.

• Analyse and identify opportunities and risks (current and future) for possible financial inclusion and business development linkages for self-employment creation and income generation for displacement affected communities.

• Assess current small scale businesses/micro-enterprises within the displacement affected communities in Baidoa and Afgoye to deeply understand the enablers and or barriers to their success.

Facilitate a stakeholder meeting with consortium partners, relevant government institutions plus the private sector players to validate the strategy and proposed action work.

5. Outputs/deliverables

The following deliverables are requested from the Consultant:

  1. A clear inception report (5 paged max – Apply “Calibri” font, size 11) after desk review and initial briefing with Concern Worldwide, outlining the methodology and clear work plan to be submitted within 01 week after start of the assignment.
  2. Draft report to be shared one (01) week to the end of the consultancy for initial input/feedback by Concern and consortium partners.
  3. A well-structured final report – max 25 pages (Apply “Calibri” font, size 11) with executive summary, outline of the methodology , processes, discussion of key findings (including key private sector actors in the local economy, relevant and viable value chains – at the micro and meso levels), opportunities and any potential risks for self-employment), outlining clear and concise conclusions and recommendations. Relevant annexes should be include as part of the work.
  4. A well-structured Economic and livelihood strategy for DACs outlining the principles and approaches with identified programmatic entry points that espouse Danwadaag programme aims for private sector engagement for income generation and employment creation opportunities.

NB: A digital copy of all reports will be required by Concern at the end of the assignment. Indicative timelines

Key Activity/ Task


Time line

1. Pre-entry meeting

Clear action plan – with specific dates

for the whole consultancy

1st day of the


2. Exploratory meetings/field visits with key stakeholders and programme participants

Inception report, with revised work plan plus tools for data collection

5 days – one week after entry meeting

3. Actual data collection and


Raw data – both primary and

secondary data

10 days

4. Drafting of the report and strategy – share draft online for initial input

Draft report & strategy

10 days

5. Presentation of the final report and strategy for validation

Draft report & strategy – with feedback /input from consortium


3 day

6. Submission of the final Report and strategy

Final and validated report and strategy

1 day

5. Lines of Communication

The Consultant is accountable to CWW Country Director – Somalia or his designate for overall consultancy management and progress plus issues arising.

For the day-to-day activities during the consultancy, the Consultant will coordinate closely with the Durable Solutions Programme Coordinator Somalia with a field support by the Programme Manager.

6. Timeframe

The task is to commence as soon as possible in November 2019 and is expected to take 28 working days – this includes data collection, analysis and report writing. The timeframe for each phase of the consultancy will be outlined in the Consultant’s proposal and will be agreed with Concern; and the consultancy should be fully completed by 30th November 2019


7. How to Apply

Application dossiers should be sent by email to by the deadline of 4pm 4th November 2019. To be eligible for review, dossiers must include all of the following:

• Understanding of the task and an outline of the approach to be taken, with a full clear methodology and suggested stakeholders to be engaged

• Explanation/evidence of how you fulfil each of the essential criteria mentioned in point 3 above.

• Financial bid in US dollars (specifying daily rates or lump sum fee, plus all related costs e.g. transport and administration related)

• CV of lead consultant and key team members

• Bullet point list of similar assignments undertaken

• At least 1 example of original writing (minimum 3 pages), preferably from a similar assignment

• Details of 2 contactable referees

Baydhabo, Somalia
This job has expired.