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Consultancy – Service for the Design, Drawing and Estimation of Village milk centers (VMC), milk sales posts, meat stalls and slaughter sl

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Terms of Reference

Consultancy service for the Design, Drawing and Estimation of Village milk centers (VMC), milk sales posts, meat stalls and slaughter slabs

1. Background:

VSF Germany is an international Non-Governmental Organization, providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to pastoralists and vulnerable communities in areas where livestock is of importance. In the region, VSF Germany implements activities in Southern Sudan, Northern Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. With focus on livestock health, agriculture, value chain and marketing, food safety, natural resources management, Peace and Conflict, Good governance, Disasters & Emergency but also developing the capacities of communities and governmental institutions, VSF Germany works towards food security and strengthened livelihoods of pastoralist communities.


The livestock accounts for about 60-70% of the total GDP and also employs 80% of the workforce in Somaliland: significantly contributing to the national economy. In different Somali communities, livestock producers are regarded as producers of milk and meat, income generators and stores of wealth. Fresh milk and other dairy products are staple food, vital items of trade for daily income but actual local supply below demand in both urban and rural areas in terms of quantity and quality in Somaliland. The below demand supply of milk is a function of low hygienic and quality standards since most of the trade is done through informal channels, where rules and regulations, if any, are hardly observed.

About the project

VSF- Germany has been implementing the BMZ funded Up scaling project which is the a continuation of the phase 1 to strengthen dairy and meat value chain for income and food safety in agro-pastoral systems in collaboration with Ministry of Livestock and other stakeholders of Somaliland. In addition, the project will collaborate closely with other key stakeholders-at producer, trader and consumer levels while strengthening public and private partnership (PPP) particularly in the dairy and meat sectors.

The project aims to construct 2 milk sales posts, 2 meat stalls (sale posts) and 1 slaughter slabs will also be constructed in urban and Peri-urban areas. Each facility will be equipped with solar to power a fridge for cooling milk and meat and provide electricity. Water system will also be installed in each facility.

2. Objectives of consultancy:

(i) Assess the sites selected by communities for construction/rehabilitation of milk and/or meat sale posts in 2 districts (Wajaale and Gabalay) of Maroodjeex and Awdal region and confirm their viability technically.

(ii) To prepare detailed designs, drawings and Bills of Quantities (BoQ) with accurate Engineer’s cost estimates for the proposed construction/rehabilitation works of milk and meat sale posts and slaughtering slabs. The consultant could be engaged for construction supervision and contract management activities.

(iii) Prepare technical specifications to facilitate the tendering process and guide the contractors during the actual construction

3. Scope of the work and duration:

The consultant shall perform the following tasks:

3.1. Site/ Master plan:

· The consultant will prepare a site plan including spatial orientation of each construction site and necessary utilities.

· The consultant will determine the space needed for each structure in view of the current users and capacity evolution in the coming years

3.2. Site survey including soil investigation

· The consultant will visit the proposed sites and conduct reconnaissance surveys as well as the assessment of existing conditions and determine all topographical features and water sources as may be required for the purpose of designing the site plan. Identification and Surveying of appropriate water source for the structures.

· All the pre-requisite studies such as site study, surface study and investigations, tests, collection of data, (adequate trial pits) etc. should be carried out and incorporate in the structural design before detail design of structures.

3.3. Designs of the structures:

· The detail design should fit into the requirements of the VSF G in terms of capacity and cost.

· The consultant should identify the appropriate water sources and design how the water supply should be channeled to the structures including a storage overhead reservoir/ tank within the site (appropriate size) and water distribution within each of the structures; with adequate number of water taps distributed for drawing water for various uses.

3.4. Drawings for the structures:

· The designs and drawings should be made to scales suitably fixed so that they are easily readable at site or workshop by naked eye. The drawings should preferably be made to the scale of 1:50 and for showing finer details to 1:20 / 1:10 where necessary.

· Each structure shall have, where deemed necessary, separate drawings in cross section, elevation and plan (Except for similar structures).

· Adequate number of copies of drawings should be produced to properly represent all the necessary details, views, etc.

· The drawings should include detailed structural details.

· All drawings shall be in ISO A3 format (297x420mm) and dimensions shall be in metric system (i.e. meter, cm and mm). Descriptive reports shall be prepared in A4 format (210x297mm).

3.5. Bills of Quantities (BoQ) and cost estimates

· The BOQ should clearly cover all items of work and follow Standard Method of Measurement (SMM). They should be as exhaustive as possible to avoid variations that may arise during execution and therefore the undesired disputes and claims.

· The detailed technical and material specifications should be a part of the BOQ. One copy of the Technical Specifications shall be submitted to Project or country program Manager for any comments and suggestions before producing final copies.

· Conduct market survey in Hargeisa, Somaliland for common building materials to establish standard specifications of items and also the local prices. Skilled and unskilled labor rates’ assessment to be carried out as well.

· Availability of materials may also be specified for those that are unique in features. As far as possible, the materials should be readily available in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The materials may be suggested to suit the climatic conditions of the different locations.

· The cost estimates should be appropriately worked out to indicate the cost of the entire construction works (materials, labour, transport, etc). It should be accompanied by analysis of rates where necessary.

· The cost estimates should be treated as highly confidential information not to be shared out by consultant without written approval of VSF-Germany.

4. Deliverable outputs and full duration of assignment :

The Consultant shall submit and present the followings reports to VSF-Germany for review and approval:

4.1. Inception report 4 days after signing of contract and site visit.

4.2. Draft Report, 7 days from submission of inception report.

· Design and drawings with complete site development works for each structure (site).

· Architectural drawings with complete details of BOQ and cost estimates for each structure (site).

4.3. Final Report, 2 days after end of the services contract and should include the information outlined below.

· Site plan with all complete details including fencing where necessary, drawings of each structure and development works

· Architectural drawings with complete details

· Structural drawings with complete details

· Drawings for Services (Plumbing, Sanitation and Electrical works)

· BOQ and cost estimates for each structure (site).

· Design and drawing of water supply system (intake and reservoir).

All reports and documents should be submitted in 3 hard copies and soft copies emailed to the Project/country program Manager and country director.

4.4. Duration of the assignment:

The assignment is planned to take for a total of 20 calendar days (1st-20th March 2020) with breakdown as given under 4.1- 4.4 above.

5. Profile of consultant

· Must have at least Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture/Civil engineering, from a recognized institution

· Must have at least 5 years of experience in building design works.

· Must be fluent in written and spoken English.

· Must have prior Somalia experience and adaptive to different cultures and proficiency of Somali language is an asset

6. Payment:

· 1st installment, the Consultant will be paid 20% of the total agreed amount after submission of inception report.

· 2nd installment, 40% of the total agreed amount shall be paid upon submission of draft report for comments and input from VSF-Germany.

· 3rd and final installment, 40% of total agreed amount shall be paid upon completion of work and acceptance of final report.

The payments will be made in A/C payee in form of cheques/or direct bank transfer in the name of the consultant or firm named in the contract. VSF-Germany will deduct with-holding tax at source as per the rules of taxation governing VSF-Germany operations and it will be deposited directly to custodian of such tax. No other benefits shall be admissible beyond what is stipulated in the contract, nor does it guarantee a regular position in VSF-Germany.

7. General

7.1 Commitments:

All the outputs – Reports, data base, etc. produced from this assignment will not be disseminated in part or whole without express authority from VSF-Germany. Thus the consultant shall not produce these materials in any form (electronic, hard copies, etc.) to a third party without a written permission from VSF-Germany.

8. Management of the consultancy.

The consultant shall work closely report to Technical Advisor, at field level and to Country Director, Somalia at Nairobi level.


Application process

Interested Institutions/ consultants should read and strictly follow the detailed Terms of Reference and submit both technical (including the duration) and financial proposals not later than Friday, 14th February, 2020**. The proposals (technical and financial) should be sent to: , with CC to , and Please indicate “Design engineer consultant” in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

This job has expired.