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Consultancy Title: LoA (Letter of Agreement) coordinator-Project level

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Terms of Reference for LoA coordinator

1. Description of the post

The Ministry of Women and Human Rights of Galmudug state of Somalia is seeking for LoA
coordinator to lead the matters related to the delivery of project activities. The duration of this
consultancy service is five months but may be renewed subject on the consultant’s performance
and availability of funds. Ministry of Women and Human Rights of Galmudug state of Somalia
invites Somali National applicants for the following consultancy position: –

Consultancy Title:  LoA (Letter of Agreement) coordinator-Project level
Supervisor:  Minister or anyone the Minister may delegate
Job Category:  Individual Consultant
Duty Station:  Dhusamareb, Somalia
Contract Start  Date: Immediate

2. Organization and Project Description

The Somalia Joint Programme on Human Rights will be executed by UNSOM, UNICEF and
UNDP, with UNSOM acting as the lead entity, and in coordination with the Government and
particularly the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development. The overall objective is to
Dowlad Goboleedka Galmudug
Wasaaradda Haweenka &
Horumarinta Xuquuqul Insaanka

حكومة إقليم جلمــــدج
وزارة تنمية المرأة وحقوق الإنسان

strengthen the capacity and compliance of security and justice institutions with human rights and
protection standards, especially the rights of women and girls within the framework of SCR
1325, as well as follow-up on resolutions on protection of children in armed conflict (CAAC).
This will be achieved through strengthening the capacity of Somali institutions (Executive-
MoWHRD, Ministries of Internal Security and Justice, relevant Federal Parliamentary
Committees) in human rights, and the establishment of the Independent National Human Rights
Commission to investigate and promote human rights, a National Disability Agency to promote
the rights of persons with disabilities and through strengthening civil society organizations down
to the community level in order to increase knowledge, enable Somalis to appreciate human
rights, and to monitor and report on human rights, including the rights woman and children.
Somalia’s human rights and women’s rights commitments are drawn mainly from the UPR
recommendations, Security Council resolutions, including UNSCR 1325(2000) (and follow-on
resolutions), the Human Rights Roadmap, as well as other international human rights instruments
to which Somalia is a party. The Joint Programme is to be implemented over three years (2018-
2020) and will address the nexus between human rights (including the rights of women and
children), and security and Justice system through strengthening prevention, protection and/or
response to violations, and by making those rights a reality at the community level.

3. Objectives of Assignment:

The overall objective of the assignment is to lead and work the delivery of current signed letter
of agreement between UNDP and Ministry of Women and Human Rights of Galmudug state of
Somalia and technical support to the Minister with research and policy review, development of
Ministry capacity and other related tasks on the Ministry’s Mandates. The consultant will
ensure that the functions outlined below, and the scope of work is satisfactorily carried out.

2. Functions/Scope of work will include:

1. Coordinate the development and delivery of trainings for the Ministry staff and work
with the coordination of those trainings. Organize and implement trainings/workshops
and meeting referred in the LoA and other priority topics for Ministry of Women staff
during the period of the contract.

2. Develop and organize trainings for MOWHR staff on Human rights, Gender based
violations, regional, National and international treaties, child in armed conflict and
women and peace and security and other relevant topics.

3. Develop detailed organogram and terms of reference including roles and responsibilities
for MOWHR departments as well as individual staff.

4. Act an as an M&E focal point, plan and develop a work-plan for the implementation of
the Letter of Agreement (LOA) between UNDP and the Ministry of Women in close
coordination with all relevant people in the Ministry of Womenand UNDP Joint
Programme of Human Rights.

5. Develop a simple reporting format for capturing progress against agreed deliverables to
be used and quality narrative reports using templates and formats provided by UNDP.

6. Ensure timely preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, annually and ad hoc
narrative reports on UNDP support to Ministry of Women and UNDP.

7. Organize, coordinate and prepare reports of training, Workshops and Meetings for the
implementation of the Letter of Agreement (LOA) between UNDP and the Ministry of
Women in close coordination with all relevant people in the Ministry of Womenand
UNDP Joint Programme of Human Rights.

8. Prepare monthly implementation plan of activities in Letter of Agreement (LOA)
between UNDP and the Ministry of Women.

9. Prepare and share quarterly, semi-annual and annual report to UNDP for the
implementation status of activities in Letter of Agreement (LOA) between UNDP and the
Ministry of Women.

10. Prepare monthly/activity-based budgets, supporting financial documents for payment

11. Ensure timely implementation and delivery of activities in Letter of Agreement (LOA)
between UNDP and the Ministry of Women.

12. Prepare annual work plans, implementation strategy and related development plans in
relevant of priorities of Ministry of women.

13. Monitor progress of agreement implementation both technical and financial through close
collaboration with all relevant people including the leadership of the Ministry of Women

14. Act as admin and finance in the implementation of LoA activities.

15. Track and analyze progress towards agreed outputs and activities as per the agreement
with UNDP including regular monitoring of the delivery of consultants/advisors and
graduate interns.

16. Highlight risks and challenges that may hinder/delay implementation and provide
recommendations to address those risks and challenges.

17. Ensure all data collected and reported are dis-aggregated by sex.

18. Be responsible for monitoring of and reporting against the steps taken to address
institutional weaknesses that were outlined in the recent micro-capacity assessment of the
Ministry of women.

19. Lead and coordinate the preparation, review and finalization of project proposals, and
concept notes as required by Ministry of Women.

20. Ensure that gender issues are addressed in all documents and included in trainings and
training materials.

21. Prepare quality meeting minutes and training/workshop reports.

22. Document lessons learnt and best practices for use in future support on a monthly basis

23. Provide guidance to Ministry of women and other relevant policy forums to ensure
gender equality and women empowerment.

4. Reports to be provided:
 Monthly report for completed activities and deliverables with documents
developed, training and workshop reports.
 Quarterly Narrative Final report, Quarterly report, Semi-annual reports and
annual reports.

5. Duty Station
Duty station of the consultant will be at the offices of the Ministry of Women and Human Rights
of Galmudug State of Somalia in Dhusamareb.
6. Required Qualifications and Skills:
 Bachelor degree in Law, social science, Public administration, governance or related

 at least 3- 5 years of proven professional experience related to reconciliation, peace
building, conflict resolution and state-building.
 Specific experience in carrying out the tasks described in this TOR;
 Prior work in Galmudug area is highly desirable and firm understanding of Somalia context.
 Fluency in English and Somali language

7. Other Skills:

a. Strong communication and drafting skills;
b. Experience in issues related human rights in the context of Somalia
c. Ability to work under tight schedules, stressful environment and multi‐cultural context;
d. Highly motivated with a positive attitude and pro‐active problem‐solving approach;
e. Proficiency in the use of computer with common software and internet; good knowledge
of Microsoft Office Applications;
f. Willingness and ability to work closely with governments, international
institutions/agencies and communities;
g. Demonstrated drive for continuous improvement and incorporation of lessons learned and
best practices into business process routines;
h. Demonstration of professional behavior and personal ethics, transparency and openness
to encourage respect and similar behavior from colleagues in the workplace;
i. Experience of working successfully with a variety of stakeholders, particularly
governments, think‐tanks, media and non-governmental organizations;

8. Gender mainstreaming

The Ministry of Women and Human rights of Galmudug State of Somalia is an equal
opportunity employer. Qualified female is strongly encouraged to apply.
9. How to apply
Interested candidates should submit their CV and application letter via e-mail to and copying not later than COB 25 July 2020

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Dhusamarreb, Somalia
This job has expired.