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Consultancy – Translation of DHS Training Pack

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Translation of the District Health System Training Package, Somalia/Somaliland,

Funded by the DFID Somali Health and Nutrition programme (SHINE) through the SHINE Supply (Mott MacDonald) programme.


DFID implements a large range of programmes in Somalia and Somaliland in the areas of governance, economic and private sector development, humanitarian and conflict response, health, nutrition and overall social development. The Somali Health & Nutrition Programme – SHINE Supply Component aims at providing access to basic health and nutrition services as defined by the Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) to 2 million inhabitants of Somalia and Somaliland and strengthen the capacity of Somalia and Somaliland’s Health Authorities to oversee, coordinate, plan and manage the implementation of essential health service provision as defined in the EPHS framework.

The DFID-funded SHINE programme is the successor of the Joint Health & Nutrition Programme (JHNP) and the Health Consortium for the Somali People (HCS) programmes that were implemented between 2012 and 2016.

The JHNP programme aimed at achieving ‘improved health and nutrition status of the Somali people contributing to a reduction in maternal and child mortality’. The defined programme outcome was Increased use of reproductive, maternal, new-born and child health (RMNCH) and nutrition services that are available, accessible, affordable, of acceptable quality and adaptable’. The JHNP was a pooled fund with contributions of multiple donors that was implemented in nine (9) regions:

· Lower Juba, Galgaduud, Nugaal, Mudug, Bari and Banadir in Somalia

· Togdheer, Awdal and Sanaag in Somaliland

The DFID-funded HCS programme was implemented in two regions in Somalia – Gedo and Karkaar Regions and the Sahil Region in Somaliland by a Consortium led by Population Services International (PSI). At the end of JHNP and HCS implementation, a number of contributing bilateral donors to the pooled JHNP fund identified previously supported regions for their continued health and nutrition sector support.


The overarching DFID SHINE Business Case (BC) was approved by Ministers in November 2015, with a total programme value of £89m. SHINE is a 5-year programme to reduce mother and child deaths in Somalia and Somaliland by improving the supply and demand for improved health and nutrition services. The programme aims to strengthen the Health Authorities’ oversight of basic service delivery and contribute to the wider state building agenda.

The SHINE programme comprises five components:

· The CHANGE component – essentially the successor of the HCS programme. CHANGE is implemented in the same regions in Somalia and Somaliland previously covered by HCS. The implementation of the CHANGE programme started in 2017 and is led by PSI.

· The SHINE Commodity Security component that should ensure the provision of adequate essential medicines and supplies for EPHS delivery in selected SHINE Supply regions. The provision of key EPHS commodities started in 2017.

· The SHINE Supply component, which comprises the Fund Management for provision of EPHS services (90%) and support to Health System Strengthening (HSS) (10%). Mott MacDonald was awarded the contract as Fund Manager of the SHINE Supply component, which is being implemented from 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2021.

· The Demand Creation component, that aims at strengthening uptake of available health services through the development, piloting, testing and scaling up (through partners) of appropriate behaviour change interventions across Somalia. This programme is implemented by PSI.

· The UNICEF Supply component that ensures the provision of EPHS services in 6 districts in Somalia and Somaliland.

This Terms of Reference refers to the SHINE Supply component and more specifically to the support to HSS. For HSS implementation, Mott MacDonald has formed a Consortium with three partner consultancies, i.e. IPA (a consultancy agency specialised in Procurement and Supply Chain Management), THET (a consultancy agency specialised in health workforce development) and CGA (a consultancy agency with expertise in health workforce management). Together with the Mott MacDonald International Health Group, the Consortium is capable of providing support in the design and/or refinement of particular systems related to specific health system functions through technical assistance and subsequent mentoring/coaching of dedicated officers deployed at the MoHs in Somalia and Somaliland.

2. Support to Health System Strengthening

In October 2018, the SHINE Supply programme conducted a thorough review of HSS interventions supported by various donors and implementing partners since 2015 and identified the key HSS priorities of the FMoH, the Somaliland MoHD and the MoHs of the Federal Member States.

The HSS review findings and the subsequent input of the MoHs in the report formed the basis for determining the HSS interventions to be supported by the SHINE Supply programme. In consultation with DFID and the MoHs, four key areas for HSS support were identified.

The four key areas that will be supported:

· Governance – operational planning

· Governance – Coordination

· HMIS and other relevant data analysis and use for planning, management and decision making

· Health Workforce Management, more specifically the standardisation of job titles and job descriptions of key EPHS staff at community level and health facilities in preparation of the introduction of the integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS) as well as standardisation of salary top ups.

In addition, two HSS interventions will focus on the sixteen districts in Somalia and Somaliland where SHINE Supply supports the delivery of the EPHS, i.e. 10 districts in Banadir Region, 2 districts in Galgaduud Region, 2 districts in Awdal Region and 2 districts in Togdheer Region:

· Governance – tailoring and delivering a context specific DHMT training package

· Strengthening the supply chain management system

The SHINE Supply programme has validated the priorities with the MoHs and is now, in close collaboration with the Consortium Partners, developing the final operational and TA plan that should comprise the initial design steps, if required the design of the related capacity development programme and the roll out of activities. The roll out will require less TA input than the initial design phases; hence, the final operational and TA plan will also identify and agree on the MoH where the initial design phase will take place. The WHO Afro DHS training package has been contextualized to Somalia / Somaliland context and is now ready to be used to train District Health Management Teams.

3. Objective of the TOR

The main objective of this TOR is to translate the WHO District Health System training package contextualised for Somalia/Somaliland DHMTs into the Somali language.

4. Scope of Work

The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Review Somalia District Health System training package developed for DHMTs to ensure understanding the purpose of the document to be translated in to Somali
  2. Translate the developed DHS package for Somalia/Somaliland in to Somali using a simple well flowing language retaining illustrations containing in the document and formats
  3. Produce draft version for review and for consultation with Somali health Authorities to ensure that the translated materials with clear and commonly understood Somali language
  4. Submit final translated District Health System training package in Somali

5. Time Frame

The consultancy will be working a maximum of 40 days effective from date of signing of the contract.

6. Deliverables

  1. Draft translated DHS training package for review.
  2. Final translated DHS training materials

7. Essential Qualification

o A degree in Education, Public administration and Management or other relevant field

o Experience in translation of education materials and knowledge of Somalia context.

o Good understanding of Somali health policies and quality assurance processes and standards.

o Ability to manage a demanding workload and strict adherence to timelines provided.

o Proven Language command in Somali and English.

o Excellent written/spoken Somali and proficiency in English.

8. No of pages and slide.

The consultant will be translating Somalia/Somaliland DHS manual of 36 pages and 324 slides, therefore the consultant is required to submit his/her technical and financial proposal of translating above mentioned manual and slides. The consultant should also share the number of days he/she will be able to complete the translation of the materials.

How to apply

Interested candidates are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals to on or before 1st of June 2020.

This job has expired.