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Doctors/Physicians (Four Positions)

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1. Background

Through funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the government of Sweden has been supporting the secondment of high-capacity Somali experts to a range of national institutions in Somalia for several years. This work has sought to support the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in the implementation of the Somali National Development Plan (NDP), as well as institutional capacity development more broadly.

As is well understood by those working in Somalia, government institutions have limited capacities to carry out their mandates following decades of conflict. By helping to provide highly qualified Somali experts to weakened government institutions, this programme seeks to boost their capacity to function and implement government policy. While the provision of experts under a single programme will not remedy all of the capacity constraints faced by the government, this programme will help to build the core competencies necessary to achieve longer-term and more ambitious development goals in the years ahead.

The Somali Experts Secondment for Institutional Capacity Building (SES) will facilitate the placement of 50 Somali experts within key government institutions at the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Federal Member State (FMS) levels, in line with government needs, Swedish development priorities and the results of needs assessment data generated by other relevant donors. In addition, a top-up salary will be provided for 50 local Somali civil servants already working in the selected key government institutions or recent university graduates who will be taken in as interns attached to the diaspora experts. The planned 50 diaspora and local experts and 50 civil servants and interns will be apportioned between different institutions based on extensive discussions with Sida, FGS, FMS governments and other donors providing capacity-building programmes to these institutions. The programme is complementary to the previous Sida-funded secondment programme and the retention and/or restructuring of secondments of experts inherited from the previous programme will be based on the outcomes of the technical capacity assessment of government institutions carried out by SES during this reporting period.

2. Essential Functions

The Prime Minister has established a National Coordination Committee on COVID-19 as high-level coordination structure overseeing preparedness and response activities of the COVID-19 outbreak, members of the committee include representatives from the chamber of commerce, Somali Medical Association, Religious leaders, and civil society associations, the committee also works with number of sub working groups. The committee is led by the Prime Minister of Somalia, with Federal Minister of Finance and Federal Minister of Health and Human Services participating, the National committee have now also proposed eight sub working groups to ensure that the undergoing efforts are managed to some level of standard and well-coordinated.

3. Core Competencies and Skills

This position of the COVID-19 Doctor/Physician level leadership and mediation skills to mobilize actors in supporting a comprehensive program to better Somalia’s health facility.

4. Major Responsibilities:

Strategy-Medical Doctor/Physician **

· Undertaking patient consultations and physical examinations

· Performing surgical procedures and Providing general pre- and post-operative care

· Monitoring and administering medication whilst assessing and planning treatment requirements

· Liaising daily with staff including other doctors, non-medical management Staff and healthcare professionals

· Writing reports, maintaining records, promoting health education and Managing a department

· Leading a medical team, keeping GPs informed about the care of their patients, teaching and supervising trainee doctors

· Contributing to the preparedness planning process and the reaction to health risks of Coronavirus through engaging in all stages of the planning process for public health crisis control.

· Assess the effectiveness of recommended risk reduction actions or other interventions.

· Prepare precautionary health reports which include problem explanations, analyses, alternate solutions, and suggestions.

5. Qualifications: Education, Technical Skills and Experience

· Must have Proven experience as a physician or Doctor.

· Must have Strong understanding of examination methodologies and diagnostics.

· Must Possess excellent knowledge of infectious diseases, their symptoms and epidemiology.

· Must be versed in broad knowledge of common medication, side effects and contraindications.

· Must have an in-depth knowledge of legal medical guidelines and medicine best practices.

· Excellent oral and written communication skills.

· Must have respect for patient’s confidentiality, responsible and trustworthy.

· Must be Compassionate and approachable. Ability to work long hours, often under pressure

· Good practical skills

· Ability to solve problems, effective decision-making skills, leadership and management skills

· Communication skills, compassion, drive to continue learning throughout career

· Excellent analytical ability and superb Time management

· Must be a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and valid license to practice the profession

· University degree in one of the health sciences, social, or management sciences and a master’s degree in health governance, health policy, public health, health systems or other field related to public health from an accredited institution.

· Desirable: A Master’s Degree in Public health, health policy or other related field would be an asset.

· 5-8 years of work experience

· Strong work experience in similar conflict environments is desirable;

· Previous work experience in Somalia health sector

· Fluency in written and spoken Somali and English

6. Achievement indicators

Job execution will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

· Level of results achieved, according to Terms of Reference, Plans of Action, Project Descriptions, Budgets.

· Level of adherence to deadlines, and ensuring that proposals, concept notes and reports are submitted according to established MEL standards, in line with donor and FGS requirements and with high quality.

· Level of support to Programme Staff and Government institutions involved in Somalia.

· Information management and sharing- efficient, timely and updated.

· General contribution: policy development, programmes development etc.

· Flexibility and ability to adjust to changes and new requirements.

· Level of personal contribution in supporting colleagues, teambuilding and a healthy, positive and creative work environment.

7. We offer

· A challenging and rewarding potfolio of responsibilities within a forward leaning and innovation team

· Commencement: ASAP

· Salary and benefits according to general directions CAPACITY INJECTION MECHANISM (CIM) ‘’A guideline to effect the administration of engagement and employment benefits and conditions of Capacity Injection Mechanism appointments for the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS)’’.

How to apply

All applications must be submited via Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS) dedicated online system, which may be accessed at the following address:

The deadline for submitting applications is 27/04/2020 at 12:00 EAT. Please note that applicatons submitted in other formats will not be considered by NIS.


Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.