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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Strengthening Gender-Just, Locally-Led Humanitarian Response in Somalia (Twinning Program)

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Somali NGO Consortium (SNC) is calling for Expression of Interest (EoI) for partnerships in 2020 and invites interested non-governmental and non-profit organizations to submit their EoI. This EoI is opened to INGOs who are interested and willing to provide capacity enhancement/ skills transfer to the LNGOs who have already expressed their interest in benefitting from this set up through the previous call.

Project Title – Strengthening Gender-Just, Locally-Led Humanitarian Response in Somalia (Twinning Program)

Over the past few years, “localizing humanitarian aid” has been regularly raised as a necessity to fundamentally reform the humanitarian system to respond more effectively and equitably to the current complex crises. The 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) brought together old and new voices for local humanitarian leadership, creating a space and momentum to speak out and bring change to the system, resulting in “The Grand Bargain” commitments to advance the localization agenda. In parallel, the Charter4Change, signed on to by many international NGOs (INGOs), including Oxfam, further commits to reforming the humanitarian system to ensure greater influence and funding for local and national NGOs.

The Somali NGO Consortium and Oxfam Somalia/Somaliland are supporting this movement by planning and implementing activities to more equitable shift and share power, knowledge, and resources between local, national and international humanitarian actors involved in Somalia/ Somaliland humanitarian response, with a particular focus on supporting women’s rights organizations (WROs) and addressing deeply embedded gender inequities. The SNC’s Strategy 2017-2019 (attached here) includes as an outcome, a “25 per cent of direct funding to Somali local NGOs and increased voice and representation with donors, United Nations (UN) and INGOs by 2019. Twinning program is a two years’ pilot program started 2019-2020.

What is the aim of the Twinning Programme?

To pair NGOs to deliver strategic and tailored capacity building for local and national NGOs. Ultimately to contribute to stronger leadership, capacity and funding for local and national NGOs, in particular Women’s Rights Organizations to lead the humanitarian sector in Somalia/Somaliland

Strategic Areas of Influence

Program has three main components in two years:

  • Capacity Development
  • Gender Leadership
  • Advocacy on Localisation

Influence in 6 Core Areas:

  • NNGO’s membership in the SHF
  • Participation in the humanitarian clusters
  • Ability to access future funding
  • Ability to manage humanitarian emergency response, humanitarian and development projects
  • The sharing of knowledge between NNGOs and INGOs
  • Building networks and offering opportunities to meet with INGOs, OCHA and other stakeholders

Why should my International Organization take part?

  • To build the capacity of local and national partners in a strategic and tailored way
  • To deliver on your localization commitments
  • To contribute to a power shift from international actors to local actors in the humanitarian sector
  • To share your expertise and skills
  • To improve your current partnerships

How does the twinning process work?

  • SNC will select an organization that matches the skills/expertise you can offer/need
  • SNC will support developing a capacity-building plan between you and your twin, which will clearly outline how and when capacity-building will take place e.g. mentoring or coaching, trainings, shadowing, resources
  • Twinning does not involve any financial resource sharing and there are no grants?
  • Twins will be paired
  • Twins will develop capacity building plans
  • Twins will complete their capacity-building

In your Expression of Interest, please include the following:

  • Information about your organization
  • Which areas you can offer (as INGO or large/established) capacity building in, e.g. financial management, compliance, research, humanitarian principles, Protection
  • Where your office(s) are and which geographical areas you work in
  • Your experience (positive/negative) or receiving or providing capacity-strengthening
  • Why you are interested to join the twinning program as INGO
  • All applicant organizations will receive written notification, within the two weeks after the deadline for the submission of Concept Note, of the outcome of the selection process. Should an applicant organization request further clarification, SNC will provide a response explaining the transparency and integrity of the selection process undertaken. The concept should include the following.

Criteria Selection for Twins: INGOs

  1. Operational in Somalia/Somaliland
  2. Somalia/Somaliland NGO consortium member in good standing (already vetted through membership) and non-member, but willingness to pilot the twining program initiatives
  3. Should be humanitarian field/ development or be Women Right Organization
  4. Should already be working with at least 3 NGOs
  5. Show Aid localization/ Charter for Change/Grand Bargain commitments and Should have signed up to gran bargain/charter for change
  6. INGOs should be able to demonstrate through partnerships and partnership principles
  7. Have functional safeguarding policies in place
  8. Should advocate additional funding for Aid location initiative

Deadline for the submission of Concept Note(s) is Thursday, 30th of June, 2020

How to apply

Please sent your application organization of the concept note to in the subject line should mark“Application for EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Strengthening Gender-Just, Locally-Led Humanitarian Response in Somalia (Twinning Program).

Deadline for the submission of Concept Note(s) is Thursday, 30th of June, 2020

Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.