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Terms of Reference


World Vision Somalia (SomReP)


SIDA: Financial services Market assessment in Somalia

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Remote & in Somalia/Land

Estimated working days:

40 days

Estimated number of staff required to work on the project:


Reporting to:

Economic Development and Market system development advisor – SoMRep

Starting date (TBC):

Sept – Nov 2022

1.0 Background

The Somalia Resilience Programme (SomReP) is a consortium of seven international non-governmental organizations (INGO) and one Local NGO. SomReP works to enhance the resilience of chronically vulnerable households, communities and systems across Somalia.

The Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) is an ambitious approach to tackle the challenge of recurrent droughts and the chronic vulnerability among pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and peri-urban households in one of the poorest countries in the world. SomReP is being implemented through a consortium of 7 INGOs (ACF, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, Oxfam and WVI) and 1 Local NGO(Shaqodoon)

SomReP would like to engage a qualified and dynamic consultant to conduct a Financial services Market assessment in Somalia

2.0 Objectives

Through a desk review and field-based process, the consultant will conduct the Financial services market assessment to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Undertake desk research to map out the broad historic dynamics of the financial services sector in Baidoa, Gar-adag, Dolow, El-Afweym. Lasanood, Burao and Afgoye markets
  • Design questionnaires and undertake field trips to carry out interviews and focus group discussions with the businesses, organizations, and individuals supplying and utilizing financial services in Baidoa, Afgoye, Dolow, Gar-adag, Lasanood, Burao, Jowhar and El-Afweym town
  • Map key existing market actors in the Financial market systems
  • Map out the existing demand for financial services (including what type of services are needed) in the Baidoa, Afgoye, Dolow, Gar-adag, Burao, Lasanood, Jowhar and El-Afweym. Determine market size, consumer base, market actors, types of products, and prices. Determine supply and market demand for existing and additional financial services
  • Identify the market gaps, constraints, risks, and opportunities for investment in the financial services sector in the area
  • Map out the rules, regulations, and supporting functions for financial services sector in the mentioned areas.
  • Provide recommendations on the potential for investment in the financial services sector in Baidoa, Afgoye, Burao, Lasanood, Jowhar, Gar-adag, Dolow and El-Afweym districts. Propose specific financial inclusion models that may be appropriate for VSLAs, farmer, livestock groups, cooperatives and other MSMEs in Baidoa, Afgoye, Gar-adag, Dolow, Burao, Lasanood, Jowhar and El-Afweym
  • Identify and define specific target groups for market interventions based on SoMRep program areas/regions.
  • Conduct MSD training to consortium partners/staff
  • Market analysis and key recommendations – Identify key recommendations for how to intervene in identified program target locations, including identifying opportunities to improve access to quality and quantity of production or business through.
  • With support of the Economic development and Market systems advisor, organize a workshop to present the findings and recommendation of the market assessment to relevant partners, including banks, MFIs, development partners, government etc.

3.0 Activity Schedule

  • Background review, planning and preparation – 5 days
  • Desk research and inception report
  • MSD and assessment training workshop – 2 days
  • Training on basic principles of MSD
  • Training on the assessment process, including how to conduct interviews
  • Finalize market assessment tools
  • Develop market assessment plan – arranging meetings with market actors,
  • Research plan and data collection – 10 days
  • Market assessment  Field interviews / FGDs with key market actors
  • Data analysis and draft report – 10 days
  • Conduct MSD training to staff and – 2 days
  • De-brief and analysis workshops – debrief workshop discussing key findings and recommendations – 1 day
  • Draft report, report review and Final report – 10 days
  • Market Analysis
  • Synthesizing market actor information
  • Write-up recommendations for intervention areas
  • SoMRep TU review
  • Submission of the assessment report to SoMRep

Duration of assignment

The expected timeline of the assignment is 40 days (2 months) i.e. Sept – Nov 2022


  • Inception report
  • Development of assessment tools
  • Draft and final assessment report
  • All materials used for staff training

4.0 Consultant qualifications

This consultantt should have the following the following skills and qualifications

  • Master’s or equivalent degree in Economics, Agri-economics, Aagribusiness, Business Management, Marketing, Development Studies or other related fields.
  • At least 7 years’ experience, knowledge and skills in market systems and enterprise development in the financial services sector.
  • Experience (at least 5 years) in facilitating trainings on market system development programs.
  • Extensive knowledge on working in/with private sector and development organizations.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.

5.0 Evaluation Criteria

The Selection of the firm will be made based on cumulative analysis (i.e., mandatory requirement and technical qualifications as follows:

5.1 Mandatory requirements

  • Provide a certified copy of business registration(company/organization)
  • Provide a certified copy of tax registration
  • Provide information on ownership structure – name of directors/owners of the company(company/organization)
  • Successful bidder will be required to sign World Vision Supplier Code of Conduct form
  • References including names and contact information from previous clients who can be contacted regarding relevant experience in translation of documents (At least three)
  • Successful bidder will be required to sign World Vision Supplier Code of Conduct form

Technical Evaluation

Applicants need to clearly articulate on the following, but not limited to: –

  • A Consulting profile and cover letter outlining the suitability of the consultant in undertaking the assignment (Not exceeding two pages)
  • Up to two-page statement of capability (referencing the selection criteria) and the approach to be take in undertaking this assignment
  • Clear work plan including time frames for the financial services market assessment
  • Detailed CVs of key personnel (including any formal qualifications) should be provided

Financial Evaluation

  • A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs quoted in USD. Applicable tax amount must be clearly stipulated and separated from the base costs.
  • Payment Terms and credit Period

Financial proposal should not be part of the technical proposal; it should be a separate document.

How to apply

Submission of Proposals:

Interested individuals and firms should submit their proposal accompanied with a cover letter, in English by email to somo_supplychain@wvi.orgon or before 23 September 2022.

Proposals should be submitted in three distinct/separate attachments, namely Mandatory Requirements, Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal (Bidders who will combine both technical and financial proposals shall be disqualified)

Email title should be; Financial services Market system assessment – SoMRep

Bids received after deadline shall not be considered.

This job has expired.