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The project is notably responsible for:

  • Contributing to the effective implementation of the NDP/CAS and
  • Contributing to the Resilience and Recovery Framework through the provision of ad hoc, targeted and complementary support
    Specific Objectives:

The project aims to:

  • Enhance capacities for the implementation and monitoring of a National Resilience Strategy
  • Increase the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness of aid support in Somalia by providing first hand and timely information on the different elements that affect aid funded projects’ implementation progress. This is with regards to; quality of the activities being implemented towards the achievement of the expected results, perceptions on the ground and to suggest actions for correcting gaps in the implementation of activities by the implementing partners and in the identification of new programmes.
  • Overall Tasks:

Under the direction of the Project Manager the Non-key Expert will support the project in:

  • Ensuring regular, meaningful contact with the local authorities and concerned implementing partners at field level;
  • Ensuring continuous and appropriate flow of information regarding donor funded projects and programmes, issues related to project implementation, and relevant political, security and socio-economic-related developments;
  • Communicating routinely with the Project Manager to ensure follow up to issues arising from project monitoring and quality control;
  • Promoting and supporting coordination mechanisms among implementing partners, UN agencies, and other organisations operating in the area of reference;
  • Reporting on the local policy framework, and on aid priorities, Strategy, approaches and guiding principles vis-à-vis cooperating partners;
  • Providing timely information, notably through, flash reports and monthly reports;
  • Providing logistical support and information to programme staff visiting Somalia;
  • Facilitating visibility of aid funded interventions and reporting on perception on the ground and progress when requested to do so for specific projects or programmes.
    4. Specific Tasks

Under the direction of the Project Manager the Non -Key experts will:

  1. Provide regular monitoring of the political and security situation in the area of reference according to analytical priorities established by Project Manager;
  2. Provide regular input on the political and security situation in the area and issue ad hoc flash reports as required;
  3. Provide regular information on socio-economic developments in the area through contact with local/district/regional and emerging administrations, local NGOs and civil society;
  4. Report regularly on issues relating to the political and security situation that could potentially impact on the aid funded projects and programmes (particularly in terms of project duration and feasibility of implementation) and implications for implementing partners;
  5. Report regularly on issues relating to the various aid partners working in Somalia in support of the Resilience and Recovery Framework. Civil society organisations and community structures, consultations and dialogue, and termsof the relationship between Government administrations and civilsociety,improving knowledge concerning local stakeholders, mandates and ability to fulfil respective roles and provide services.
  6. Monitor specific projects, particularly on their impact and perception on the ground, as per Operations’ staff requests.
  7. The NKE in North-east will cover Puntland and Galmudug. The main base will be in Garowe with ad hoc travelling out of throughout the regions on specific requests and needs.
  8. The NKE in north-west will be based in Hargeisa and will cover the whole Somaliland including the contested regions on the border with Puntland. Reporting Modalities

The Non-Key Experts will report regularly to the Key-Experts on flash updates and reports using the modalities indicated below.

Flash/Adhoc Reports:

  • To provide a timely and objective description of major events, notably in relation to political and security developments, clashes among Somali factions, movement of militias and any other threat to aid personnel in the field
  • Flash Updates are submitted immediately in the event of major developments by Non-key experts;
  • Flash Updates are presented in a concise standardised format; they may be followed by a more comprehensive update if necessary and/or at the request of SOM OPS Management;
    Assessment Reports
  • A detailed summary of a specific area of intervention that is politically, programmatic or mission related as specified by the Project Manager
    Updated Consolidated Contact List
  • Submitted monthly detailing contact information not limited to government counterparts, International Organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, and CSOs from the NKE’s respective regions
    Reports on Meeting Representation:
  • A detailed summary of meeting(s) attended upon request by the Project Manager on behalf of Programme staff.

Qualifications and skills
The indicative profiles of the non-key experts for this contract are as follows:
o At least 5 years work experience in project management of which
o 2 years are experience working in Somalia.
o 2 years work experience in conflict analysis and political economy dynamics
o Fluency in Somali and extensive knowledge of the local context.


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Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.