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Production of Video Documentary for South West State Drought Recovery Program

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Programme name:South West State Drought Recovery Program**

Target Location: Burhakaba, Qansadhere and Xudur

Project Goal: To contribute to improved resilience and increased adaptive capacities for communities and households in Somalia to protect their livelihoods over continuing shocks.

Project Outcome:

Specific objective/ Outcome: Vulnerable households and community in South West states of Somalia are more resilience to Cyclical Shocks and Stressors and better able to secure household needs year on year.

Intermediary Outcome 1 : Enhanced food security and capacity to meet social needs through sustainable cash-based assistance mechanism and improve access to social capital enable risk mitigation, promotion livelihood diversification and improved productivity

Intermediary Outcome 2: Natural resource based for sustainable livelihood is restored through rehabilitation of degraded rangeland, farmland and water infrastructure (Soil bunds sand dams, check dams reservoirs, boreholes & berkads) and enhanced management governance of natural resources to support sustainable pastoral livelihoods.

Intermediary Outcome 3: Enhance livelihood diversification for women, men and youth through the restoration of productive assets, adaptation of agricultural technologies, improved production system and skills development for livelihood diversification.

Intermediary Outcome 4: Enhanced drought recovery and disaster preparedness through community action planning to ensure available contingency resources, protection and rehabilitation of productive assets and development of sustainable livelihoods.

Key partners: ACF, ACTED, ADRA and Shaqodoon

Engagement Type: Video documentation

Overall Purpose

The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce media material including short videos and photographs that can be used in various communications platforms. This will involve travelling to remote locations of Qansadhere and Xudur.

Primary methods

· Short interviews with the Projects beneficiaries.

· Prepare the Video concept script for the documentation.

· Field visits.

Start and end date: 9th to 20th March 2020

Anticipated date for submission of final products: 25th March 2020

Background of the Project

The Somalia Resilience Programme (SomReP) is a consortium of seven international NGOs with the aim to enhance the resilience of chronically vulnerable households, communities and systems across Somalia. After severe droughts and famines in the past years, especially the devastating drought of 2011, a sustained commitment has grown strong among regional and international actors to build resilience of vulnerable groups in Somalia. In 2012, seven leading INGOs came together simultaneously under World Vision’s regional Securing Africa’s Future initiative to form a resilience consortium for Somalia, known as SomReP. The members of the consortium are: ACF, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, Oxfam and World Vision.

The project goal of SomReP is to contribute to improved resilience and increased adaptive capacities for communities and households in Somalia to protect their livelihoods over continuing shocks. Recurrent shocks and stresses are present in Somalia and often erode livelihood assets and productivity over time. SomReP is a livelihood focused programme and targets inventions which build adaptive, absorptive, transformation capacities toward achieving economic wellbeing improvements.

SomReP targets three livelihood zones: pastoral, agro-pastoral and peri-urban poor. Pastoral and agro-pastoral are traditional livelihood sectors that are particularly vulnerable and central to Somali household survival. Peri-urban poor is a sub-strata of Somalia’s growing urban population, and these households face particular livelihood vulnerability given their high propensity to be internally displaced households, female-headed households, or youth with few employment prospects.

Rationale/justification for the documentary

As we reach the end date of the EU funded South West State Drought Recovery Program implemented in Burhakaba, Qansadhere and Xudur, SomReP intends to document success stories and showcase meaningful impact the project has made in the lives of the target households across the target districts. The video documentaries will be the views of the project beneficiaries, their reflections on context and challenges they encountered, what steps were taken through or by the program to address them. The consultant will be required to document four (4) video documentaries each 5 minutes looking at four of the following activities: Agrovet pharmacy, kitchen gardening, VSLA, TVET, natural resource management, GAP and online feedback mechanism (Training and operations) beneficiaries.

Specific Objective of the Documentation

· To understand the contributions of SomReP activities in strengthening the capacity of the households in adapting to the changing context.

· To document the success stories and the impact registered during the project period as a result of program interventions in the target locations.

· To produce 4 video documentaries not more than 5 minutes long describing the program impact.


The consultant will be expected to perform appropriate short interviews with the Projects’ major partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders; develop the video concept and scenario to be discussed with the SomReP team prior to the documentation; work on the desired products for this consultancy, including high resolution photographs and videos.

Authority and Responsibility

World Vision/SomReP

· Provide logistical support including arranging flights, accommodation and introduction to the Partners.

· Provide the selected consultant with necessary documents to enable a clear documentation and understanding of the SomReP program.

· Create linkages with field staff, Implementing partners and other stakeholders to ensure effective coordination and documentation of the video.

· Review consultants’ work plan and draft video documentation and provide feedback to ensure consistency with SomReP implementation objective.

· Liaise with local implementing partners on behalf of the consultants to plan for the beneficiary interviews.


· Develop inception report before actual documentation, detailing the work plan and appropriate methodology.

· Perform appropriate video filming and shoot interviews with the projects’ major beneficiaries and stakeholders.

· Conduct field visits to the project area (Qansadhere and Xudur) and interview Agrovet, kitchen gardening, VSLA, TVET, natural resource management, GAP and online feedback mechanism (Training and operations) beneficiaries.

· Develop the documentary script and story board to be used in shooting and production of the documentary.

· Prepare script and narration for overall documentary as per the guidance from the field team.

· Capture video footage as agreed with project team and as according to the prepared script.

· Prepare draft documentary and submit it to SomReP for final feedback in line with the approved work plan.

· The consultant / producer has to follow the EU Communications Guidelines which you can find here:

Payment Schedule

· Payments will be made in two instalments: 30% after delivery of work plan, shooting schedule and scripts.

· 70% after delivery and approval short video/documentary.


· Somali-English translation, important information may be lost in the process.

· Time and security are considered to be one of the major limitations as the fragile and versatile context in Somalia makes it often challenging to keep up strictly with a set schedule.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

In consideration of the fees paid, the Consultant expressly assigns to SomReP any copyright arising from the work produced while executing this contract. The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from World Vision/SomReP Technical unit

Eligibility/Qualification of Consultants

· Must have more than 5 year’s proven experience in film production.

· Extensive experience in producing development work related documentaries for organizations with the aim of reaching out to both local and international audiences.

· Excellent technical capacities (Full High Definition video) to ensure high quality production.

· Having ample experiences on audio-visual recording, editing, and media production; clear understanding of the technical aspects of video making process and understanding of social development field is required.

· Experiences on using different tools and techniques in developing appropriate and quality audio-visual products.

· Prior experience working in Somalia and relationships with Somali-speaking field people data will strongly be considered.


Application procedure

  • A technical proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider yourself/your firm suitable for the assignment.
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment.
  • Personal CVs for individual consultant highlighting qualifications and experience

Applications from qualified firms/individuals should be submitted by 19th February 2020 via email with “Production of Video Documentary for South West State Drought Recovery Program” as the subject of the email.

Late submissions will not be considered

Baydhabo, Somalia
This job has expired.