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Project Management Specialist- PBF Projects

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I. Position Information

Job Title: Project Management Specialist- PBF Projects

Department: Integrated Electoral Support Group -UNDP

Reports to: Deputy Chief Electoral Advisor IESG

Direct Reports: Senior Electoral Advisor on Security and Electoral Technical Specialist on EDR

Position Status: Non-Rotational

Job Family: Grade Level: P3

Duty Station: Mogadishu, SOMALIA

Duration and Type of Assignment: More than a year; Fixed Term Appointment

II. Job Purpose and Organizational Context

Somalia is emerging from decades of conflict and the organization of the country’s first ‘one person, one vote’ elections since 1969 is a tremendous paradigm shift. With general parliamentary elections scheduled for late 2020 and the President’s four-year term ending in early 2021, this project seeks to train NIEC staff and the judiciary so that election-related disputes could be addressed. In addition, the establishment of a well-functioning National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) stakeholder outreach and Election Dispute Resolution (EDR) centre at a secure location considered impartial for all stakeholders will enhance credibility and transparency of the electoral process.

UN electoral assistance to Somalia is in accordance with the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council and the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). UN Security Council Resolution 2461 underscored “the importance of UNSOM’s political and technical support, as well as operational and logistical support, in collaboration with UNSOS, to the Federal Government of Somalia for the delivery of inclusive, peaceful, free and fair one-person-one-vote elections in 2020/2021, in particular support to the NIEC at national and sub-national levels to fulfil its constitutional mandate, in line with its Strategic Plan for 2017–2021, including nationwide voter registration by the end of the first quarter of 2020, polling operations and coordination of international electoral support to Somalia”. Somalia has committed itself to a number of international and regional treaties with key human rights standards, including those in reference to genuine universal suffrage elections and the citizen’s right to be elected by secret ballot, guaranteeing the free expression of the will of the electors. At the international Somalia Partnership Forum (SPF) in Mogadishu on 1-2 October 2019, the Federal Government of Somalia reconfirmed its commitment to ensure that federal one-person-one-vote elections are held in late 2020/early 2021, and that the executive and legislative are committed to adopt an electoral law by December 2019.

Support to NIEC Electoral Dispute Resolution Mechanism Project and Support to Mechanism to Prevent and Manage Conflict During Elections Project:

Both PBF projects are linked to the work and mandate of the UNSOM/UNDP Somalia Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG). IESG supports the NIEC with preparations of the country’s one person, one vote elections at the federal level, in particular by providing capacity development assistance to the NIEC as well as on operational planning, support to the development of the electoral legal framework, and with voter education and public outreach.

Support to NIEC Electoral Dispute Resolution Mechanism (EDRM) Project:

The overall aim of the project is to address electoral disputes and to enhance peaceful dispute resolution and thereby reducing the likelihood of elections-related violence. To achieve this objective, it is essential that NIEC establishes the necessary electoral dispute resolution (EDR) architecture at all levels early on, to minimize conflict and prevent it from escalating into larger-scale violence. If disputes arise, NIEC should have the capacity to deal with electoral complaints through prescribed electoral dispute resolution procedures. Key stakeholders also need to know how electoral complaints procedures work.

Support to the NIEC in establishing an EDRM and the construction of a stakeholder outreach and EDR centre are complementary to the work that IESG is implementing.

In this respect, the project aims to achieve the following:

A. Development and establishment of EDR structures and systems at all levels, including the development of regulations and procedures for dispute resolution;

B. Development and implementation of programs for NIEC staff, relevant judges and electoral stakeholders to ensure EDR is carried out competently and efficiently during different electoral operations (from voter registration to polling, counting and tabulation);

C. Development of the NIEC’s office for dispute resolution and stakeholder outreach (implemented by UNOPS).

Support to Mechanism to Prevent and Manage Conflict During Elections Project:

In Somalia, electoral violence is a major concern that can derail the elections. To prevent and manage conflict related to planned electoral activities (voter registration, political party and candidate registration and elections) in 2020, mechanisms will be established to properly plan and coordinate security to prevent violence and to manage the response to violent incidents. The FGS has established the National Electoral Security Task Force (NESTF). The project supports the establishment of a functioning National Joint Operations Center (NJOC), replicated at the member state and Banadir level with State Joint Operations Centers (SJOCs) and replicated further at the regional levels with Regional Joint Operation Centers (RJOCs). In addition to coordinating a harmonized security approach, these operations centres will also have an important effect of connecting with the NIEC, the FGS and FMS institutions, political parties and with civil society, to build trust, confidence and cooperation ahead of elections, thereby building trust and confidence in the security institutions, anticipate, and to prevent and manage violence incidents.

The Project Management Specialist under the overall guidance of the Deputy Chief Electoral Advisor and direct supervision of Electoral Technical Specialist on EDR and Senior Electoral Advisor on Security will work in close collaboration with the IESG programme and operations teams and project staff of implementing partners. S/he will ensure that qualitative methods are used for the planning, implementation and oversee of the operations of both PBF projects under IESG’s Electoral Support Programme.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall guidance of the Deputy Chief Electoral Advisor and under the direct supervision of the Electoral Technical Specialist on EDR and Senior Electoral Advisor on Security, the primary responsibility of the Project Management Specialist is to support the Programme Team in ensuring results of both projects are achieved as outlined in the project documents, to the required standard of quality and within the specified constraints of time and cost. S/he will be responsible to undertake the following functions:

Summary of Key functions:

  1. Ensure the sound management of both PBF projects including administration and implementation
  2. Results based management of both PBF projects;
  3. Coordinating the planning of activities of the both PBF projects within UN Somalia, donors and partners;
  4. Facilitation of knowledge management and communication.

1. Ensure the sound PBF Projects Management & Implementation focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Oversee and manage all aspects of project implementation functions, including work planning, procurement, recruitment, budget and finance management.

• Coordinate and integrate cross-cutting issues and manage the overall delivery of the project in an effective and efficient manner, working closely with national counterparts, and donors/development partners;

• Assist the IESG team in managing for results, ensuring that objectives and targets are met; correct inputs are provided; agreed procedures are followed; and outputs are produced in a timely manner;

• Support the IESG in annual work planning consultations and preparations, human resources planning, and procurement planning in line with the project outputs and objectives;

• Oversee project delivery status and preparations of quarterly progress reports, donor reports, both narrative and financial on the progress of the overall project in relation to the agreed work plan and implementation strategy;

• Assess the impact and effectiveness of the project through regular field visits and highlighting progress and challenges through results-driven reports;

• Support human resources issues, including hiring and training to ensure satisfactory performance, as well as staff supervision and performance;

• Ensure strict adherence to UNDP procedures, rules and regulations.

• Ensure integrity of financial and administrative procedures as well as consistent application of UNDP procedures, rules and regulations;

• Supervise requisitions, purchase orders and payment requests in ATLAS, and prepare monthly delivery updates on financial delivery performance;

• Provide leadership and oversight ensuring quality of services provided to partners, including following fair and transparent procurement processes and efficient operational support.

  1. Results based management focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Advise the project team on the achievement of specific results of the project detailed in the annual work plan;

• Contribute to the preparation of reports, work plans, regular donor progress and impact reports for the project;

• Participate and represent the project in all internal and external (coordination) meetings;

• Support the Electoral Technical Specialist on EDR and Senior Electoral Advisor on Security to manage and review identified project risks and prepare mitigation plans.

• Plan and prioritize work activities to meet organizational goals, and organize and oversee work processes efficiently to achieve quality results;

• Assist both project teams to achieve results as identified in the annual work plan;

• Assist the Electoral Technical Specialist on EDR and Senior Electoral Advisor on Security to provide quality assurance of the project through undertaking corporate compliance functions, such as IATI data clearance, liquidation of ageing NEX advances, budget revision, audit follow-up, clearance of cost-sharing deficits, preparation of ROAR and other ATLAS project management processes;

• Ensure high quality of all the documents submitted to the PBSO and project board;

• Contribute to the preparation of semi-annual and annual project reports.

3.Coordinating the planning, oversee activities of the both PBF projects within UN Somalia, donors and partners focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Support the IESG Monitoring and Reporting Specialist in developing a joint monitoring and evaluation plan/framework for the implementation of both PBF projects based on the PBSO Performance Management Plan and consultation with government partners and key stakeholders; work with the IESG team to develop a joint annual review of action plans;

• Contribute to oversee the implementation of projects and assessing their impact on peacebuilding, including the organization of field visits and missions to project sites;

• Establish mechanisms for collecting, analyzing and communicating project data, including inclusion of gender issues and gender disaggregated data and/or analysis in both projects;

• Contribute to strengthening both projects management and capacities of the implementing partners;

• Oversee the implementation of work plans in real time, help identify obstacles to project implementation, report problems and help resolve them quickly and advise IESG leadership and supervisors on actions to take;

• Contribute to the quality control of reports and the preparation of the annual strategic report;

• Prepare briefing notes on project progress and/or performance indicators;

• Prepare presentations for dissemination of project results to donors and the Government;

4.Facilitation of knowledge management and communication focusing on achievement of the following results:

• Provide sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice;

• Provide tactical implementation guidance for the project, ensuring that learning and capacity building needs of the project are met on time in line with UNDP standards;

• Coordinate the implementation of comprehensive project knowledge management strategy, including lessons learning and dissemination;

• Working closely with UNDP Communications Unit, identify and provide compelling success stories and case studies that should be shared with partners and key stakeholders;

• Contribute to ensuring the visibility of the interventions of the Peacebuilding Fund

IV. Recruitment Qualifications


Advanced university degree in Project Management, Development Studies, Political Economy, Public Policy, and Business Administration or related fields. Professional certification in Project Management is an asset


  • At least five years of relevant and successful experience managing and implementing projects in institutional development preferably in a fragile and conflict affected context;
  • Knowledge and experience managing substantive electoral projects is an asset;
  • Experience in project planning and execution of projects/programmes
  • Excellent knowledge of UN/UNDP procedures such as ROAR and ATLAS, rules and regulations for project/programme implementation
  • Proven knowledge and experience in managing projects or programs, staff and consultants, of projects;
  • Experience working with electoral stakeholders, such as electoral management bodies in developing countries, and different donors is an asset;
  • Experience in closely cooperating and coordinating activities with other assistance providers;
  • Experience working in conflict, post-conflict, or transitional state environments;
  • Demonstrated ability to live and work in a challenging environment;
  • Fluency is oral and written communication skills in English;
  • Strong organizing and analytical skills;
  • Experience working in a culturally diverse environment
  • Experience working with the UN is an asset;
  • Relevant experience in Africa is desirable.

Language Requirements:

  • Proficiency in English (mandatory).
  • Working knowledge of other UN language desirable

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application by visiting: or

Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.