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Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) – 2 Positions

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Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) – (2 Positons)

Date: 18 June 2020

Vacancy No: ILO/KfW/MoPW-SWS/06/2020

Position title: Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) – (Somali Nationals Only) – Two (2) positions.

Deadline for application: 06th July 2020.

Organization unit: ILO Somalia and Ministry of Public Works (SWS).

Contract type: 6 Months (with possibility extension).

Duty Station: Baidoa District, Southwest of Somalia

1. Background:

The ILO has received funding from KfW under the “Creating decent work opportunities for Somali IDPs, returnees and host communities through employment-intensive improvement” project. The project seeks to enhance the community resilience through working with the local administration, IDPs, returnees and the host communities to undertake infrastructure measure to improve their livelihood.

The project is expected to deliver a set of targeted and interlinked economic, social and environmental benefits as well as serve as a model for future replication. It will also promote a set of innovations, together with the local administration and institutions that will help create better living conditions for the IDPs returnees and the host communities. The overall goal of the project is to build social, and economic resilience of the targeted communities in Baidoa, reduce their vulnerabilities, promote gender perspectives and resilient livelihoods.

The project will be implemented using the ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) approaches. The EIIP supports countries in the design, formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes aiming to address unemployment and underemployment through public investment, typically in infrastructure development. Its field programmes rely on employment-intensive and local resource-based approaches for the production of public assets in a range of areas such as road construction and maintenance, irrigation infrastructure, reforestation, and soil conservation. Implementation modalities range from public works programmes where individuals are hired directly, to the contracting of small and medium enterprises. EIIP always works to produce public assets and generate employment in local communities.

The project will rehabilitate 21km of roads, rehabilitate 2 markets and 2 multi-channel water crossing structures. These infrastructure will be rehabilitate through the use of the private contractors. To ensure the quality of work and decent working conditions for the beneficiaries, the services of supervision engineers are required.

The specific objectives are:

a) The increased socio-economic development of selected IDPs, returnees and their host communities in Baidoa District.

b) To improved and sustainable access to basic economic and social services, transport and employment opportunities.

2. Contract command and content command:

The PSE shall contractually report to the Director General of the Ministry of Public Works, South West State (MOPW-SWS) (“Contract Command”). The PSE will be guided by ILO – EIIP Training Engineer, under overall oversight of the Chief Technical Adviser (“Content Command”).

3. Specific functions and responsibilities:

The supervision engineers will housed (based) within the Ministry of Public Works –(MoPW-SWS). The Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) will work under the guidance of the EIIP – Training Engineer (ILO), in collaboration of ILO-KfW Project Manager and Director General of Ministry of Public Works – SWS.


The project supervisors will:

a) Liaise between the ILO – Project team and the Ministry of Public Works – SWS as well as to update other relevant Ministries (Planning and Labour).

b) Participates in all Project related meetings, missions and working groups as requested or assigned by the ILO EIIP – training Engineer, ILO Project Manager and MoPW-SWS.

Technical Advice and Capacity Development:

The primary responsibility of the Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) will be to provide technical input to the effective programming and implementation of the infrastructure components.

The PSE will provide technical capacity building and mentorship to the Ministry of Public works (SWS) Engineers, private sector contractors, site supervisors and the collaborating communities (IDPs and Host Communities) prepare technical and financial plans for the Project and reporting of the project progress, provide oversight with regard to compliance to technical standards, specificatoins and quality of works, health and safety, appropriate labour policies and practices; and incorporate the elements of employment creation.

The main roles, responsibilities and tasks will include:

I. Provide technical advice and guidance on the definition of the functions, roles and responsibilities of the different tiers of the administration i.e. Ministry of Public Works, Baidoa District Authority.

II. Develop and implement a capacity development programme based on defined competency framework for the respective administrative tiers with respect to their functions, roles and responsibilities in Ministry of Public Works, Baidoa District Authority (Engineering Department) and service delivery. the Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) will be required to provide specific technical skill and competency building through all forms of learning and skill development including formal sessions, provision of distance learning, on-the-job training and mentorship.

III. Provide technical support, training and mentorship throughout the project cycle this including technical input to partners to contract supervision and management, technical monitoring and audits against set technical specifications and standards, and management and maintenance of infrastructure assets created.

IV. Train implementing partners and supervisors in systems, procedures and tools used in project cycle management including preparation of required work plans, reports (such as inventory, daily, weekly and monthly narrative and technical reports), maintenance plans as per agreed formats, standards and timing schedules.

V. Advice partners on all aspects of construction management including labour management, occupational safety and health, inventory management and the safe-keeping and maintenance of tools and equipment procured by the project.

VI. Provide technical input and backstop during project implementation ensuring all activities are carried out in accordance with the employment intensive objectives and project documents (such as BoQs, contract documents, standards/specifications and approved budgets).

VII. Prepare interim and final completion project reports (including daily, weekly, monthly and weekly project status), in compliance with agreed standards, in consultation with ILO Training Engineer and Project Management.

VIII. Prepare monthly workplan and monthly and quarterly progress reports in conformity with the reporting formats and schedules and submit to ILO-Training Engineer and Project Managers.

IX. Supervise construction works in line with the project documents, check measurements of works, certify works and and prepare certificates of payment ensuring compliance with agreed technical standards and specifications collate technical reports and forward to the ILO Technical Advisors for approval.

X. Maintain oversight on field supervisors technical reports and adhere to the standard ILO filling system and data/information archival system.

XI. In collaboration with MoPW (SWS), Baidoa District Authorities and other relevant partners, the Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) will manage the capacity and capability development of service providers, private sector contractors, and/or community bodies in the public works project cycle management i.e. planning, design, procurement, implementation, monitoring, and management and maintenance of community and local public works and services.

XII. Provide technical advise on maintenance requirements for the infrastructure, prepare maintenance schedules and plans, prepare annual maintenance plans and budgets, and assist BDA in training of maintenance staff.

4. Management of the assignment:

The Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) shall report to the respective ILO – EIIP Training Engineer, Project Managers and and also have reporting line to Ministry of Public Works. The Project Supervision Engineer (PSE) will maintain work closely with target groups as defined above throughout all phases of the assignment to ensure smooth implementation of the assignment.

5. Recruitment Qualifications

Recruitment Qualifications


An degree in a branch of civil engineering and architecture Planning engineering; with a strong background in public works delivery at local level. Additional qualifications in civil works project management and skills and organisational development a significant plus.


  1. 5 years of work experience with at least 2 years relevant post-graduate experience.
  2. Work experience in Somalia or in post conflict countries and/or in the Horn of Africa an advantage.
  3. Proven experience in developing and nurturing the capability of others.
  4. A proven leadership and managerial capability in the context of collaboration with administrative structures of developing countries.
  5. Willingness to travel and work in volatile environments where the programme’s main activities are located.


Excellent command of English written and spoken; Good command of written and spoken Somali.

Computer Proficiency

Capability to develop skills in others for the use of Microsoft office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and computer aided design (Auto CAD) a plus. Own use a prerequisite.

6. Functional Competencies

a) Ability to comprehend and support development and implementation of training and mentoring activities for technical public works personnel.

b) Ability to provide advice on procedures develop guidelines and training materials, recommend on alternative courses of action, policy, procedural matters and present them at high-level meetings; design and synthesize strategies for programme development.

c) Ability to supervise projects in terms of compliance to contractual provisions, technical standards, specifications and quality control;

d) Ability to monitor and evaluate projects cycles, produce reports (e.g. reports, technical guidelines, training manuals)

e) Substantive knowledge on project formulation and management, organisational/institution capacity building, governance and service delivery, procurement.

f) Demonstrated strong co-ordination and facilitation skills

g) Strong communication skills (oral and written)

h) Results oriented, flexible and problem-solving skills

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit their applications not later than 6th July 2020, 23;00 EAT, these should be addressed:,, and cc to

Baydhabo, Somalia
This job has expired.