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. Background Information

About MIDA

MIDA, or Migration for Development in Africa, is a programme that seeks to reduce brain drain across Africa after the loss of educated and talented individuals, through the transfer of skills and knowledge. MIDA works with diaspora populations in order to benefit countries of origin.

MIDA FINNSOM Phase II – Health and Education Project is funded by the Government of Finland, the project aims to facilitate the transfer of skills, competencies and knowledge of qualified Somali expatriates to public institutions in Somalia, with a focus on two sectors, namely health and education. The beneficiary institution Bay Regional Hospital will host the qualified Somali expatriate, and will be responsible to provide a safe and secure work environment. Bay Regional Hospital and the Ministry of Health of South-West State & IOM Somalia MIDA staff will monitor the expatriate while on assignment.

About South-West State of Somalia

South West State of Somalia (SWS) is one the federal states that was established 4 years ago. The state combined three regional districts which are: Lower Shabelle, Bay and Bakool. These were the biggest economic contributors and the bread baskets of the central government of Somali democratic republic before the full-scale civil war erupted in 1991.

The ministry of Health owns many hospitals and MCHs, which are run by governments and NGOs on a nonprofit basis or charities as they provide medical care, free of charge. There are three main referral hospitals which are Bay Regional Hospital, Merka General Hospital and Hudur General Hospital.

About Bay Regional Hospital

Bay Regional Hospital (BRH) is the busiest and most functional hospital in SWSS. The Hospital was built in the year of 1936 by Italian contractor. The hospital is a referral hub for three regions namely BAY, BAKOL AND GEDO regions that lies under low potential areas. Currently the hospital delivers its services free of charge without any costal recovery and this has happened due the pragmatic needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantage groups of the Somali population that lives within the above-mentioned regions. The assent of BRH is based on the realization of the objectives set for the Sustainable Development Goals and that of poverty reduction strategy. Our principles thus involve in improving living condition of its target beneficiaries with prioritization to vulnerable people and marginalized.

The Ministry of Health recognizes unforgettable contribution of MIDA FINNSOM on our health care institutions to training health professional in Bay Hospital from different departments, Emergency department, OPD, administration, Medical diagnostics and surgery unit.

The SWSS Ministry of Health with the assistance of IOM’s MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education project, seek to build capacity and knowledge of psychiatry in South-West State.

III. Activities / Key Results Expected

  1. Prescribe, direct, or administer psychotherapeutic treatments or medications to treat mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.
  2. Treat patients using psychological therapies.
  3. Prescribing treatments or therapies and medications to patients.
  4. Gather and maintain patient information and records, including social or medical history obtained from patients, relatives, or other professionals.
  5. Collect medical information from patients, family members, or other medical professionals.
  6. Record patient medical histories.
  7. Design individualized care plans, using a variety of treatments.
  8. Develop medical treatment plans.
  9. Collaborate with physicians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, or other professionals to discuss treatment plans and progress.
  10. Collaborate with healthcare professionals to plan or provide treatment.
  11. Analyze and evaluate patient data or test findings to diagnose nature or extent of mental disorder.
  12. Analyze test data or images to inform diagnosis or treatment.
  13. Examine or conduct laboratory or diagnostic tests on patients to provide information on general physical condition or mental disorder.
  14. Examine patients to assess general physical condition.
  15. Counsel outpatients or other patients during office visits.
  16. Advise patients on effects of health conditions or treatments.
  17. Advise or inform guardians, relatives, or significant others of patients’ conditions or treatment.
  18. Explain medical procedures or test results to patients or family members.
  19. Teach, take continuing education classes, attend conferences or seminars, or conduct research and publish findings to increase understanding of mental, emotional, or behavioral states or disorders.
  20. Conduct research to increase knowledge about medical issues.
  21. Maintain medical or professional knowledge.
  22. Present medical research reports.
  23. Review and evaluate treatment procedures and outcomes of other psychiatrists or medical professionals.
  24. Analyze quantitative data to determine effectiveness of treatments or therapies.
  25. Prepare and submit case reports or summaries to government or mental health agencies.
  26. Prepare official health documents or records.
  27. Prepare reports summarizing patient diagnostic or care activities.
  28. Serve on committees to promote or maintain community mental health services or delivery systems.

IV. Target Outputs (Measurable Results)

To be specified in the work plan of the Psychiatrist.

V: MIDA requirements

Besides the specific outputs mentioned in section IV, the MIDA programme requires the following steps/actions to be undertaken throughout the assignment. These are standard requirements for all assignments:

  1. Transfer of skills: One of the main responsibilities of the Somali diaspora participant, and one which he/she will be measured against, will be to ensure continuous and systematic transfer of knowledge and skills as related to the assignment. It will have to be agreed with the beneficiary Ministry/institution which civil servants will benefit from this knowledge.
  2. Work plan: A work plan will have to be developed with the Supervisor during the first week of assignment which will provide clear and time bound activities to be implemented in order to achieve the expected outputs of the assignment. This work plan will be shared with the MIDA Project Assistant. The work plan can be revised during the mid-term review to reflect new developments or changes in strategy.
  3. Mid Term Review: there will be a mid-term review of the assignment between the incumbent and the beneficiary Ministry/ institution to discuss progress of the assignment and feedback on performance.
  4. Interim and Final Reports: Progress reports will be submitted by the incumbent to the Supervisor and to the MIDA Project Assistant. Thereafter a final report will be provided at the end of assignment.

V: Qualifications

Level of Education:

MD with a specialization in Psychiatry

Area of Study:


Years of work experience in what area(s):

3 years of experience in psychiatric clinical service preferred.

Languages needed:

English and Somali

General Skills / Other Requirements:

• Good reporting and drafting skills.

• Good training and communication skills.

• Ability to operate as part of a team, but also independently, depending on the situation.

• Ability to use Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

• Ability to identify innovative approaches to problems in a challenging environment.

• Counselling experience.

VI: Monthly Stipend

The monthly stipend amount will be determined based on Postgraduate degree and years of relevant experience.

VII: Security and insurance modalities

Health insurance, including evacuation due to medical emergency, will be provided by the project. However, experts will be requested to provide a recent medical certificate stating that they are physically well and apt to work in a hardship area in Africa.

Please note that IOM, according to the contract, will not be responsible for the security of the qualified Somali expatriates. The host Ministry/ institution will be responsible for the security of the individual.

Before leaving the country of residence and upon arrival in Somalia, the qualified Somali expatriate will receive a pre-departure briefing including security advice and cultural background.

How to apply

To Apply please send your CV (with two proffessional references including their email and phone number) and a cover letter by email to , pdf format is preffered. Kindly write: Psychiatrist/Bay Regional Hospital in the subject field of the email when sending the application.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please note that this vacancy is only open for qualified Somali Diaspora Candidates. Qualified female applicants will be given priority.

Baydhabo, Somalia
This job has expired.