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Request for proposal to conducte end-line evaluation on provision of free and equatable primary education project in Kismayo

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Qatar Charity is Qatar Charity (QC) is a leading Gulf-origin nongovernmental organization dedicated to carrying out humanitarian and development programs to fight global poverty by working in partnership with vulnerable communities regardless of faith, race, gender or political beliefs. Qatar Charity enables people to survive, recover and rebuild their lives while also empowering them to become self-sufficient through practical knowledge, focused expertise and innovative solutions. QC has been maintaining active present in Somali since 2007 through its field office in Mogadishu. It has a portfolio of programs focusing on both humanitarian and development sectors.

QC has been doing education project in Kismayo with funds from UNHCR. The aim is to enhance and promote sustainable return for refugees from Kenya back to Somalia. The project has employed the strategy of institutional based support by running Midnimo primary school in Midnimo settlement. The project worked to provide free and equitable primary education services to the school aged boys and girls in the settlement. QC has been supporting the administrative as well as salaries of the teaching staff in coordination with MoE in Jubbaland. Project implementation is from 1st January to 31st December 2019.

Overall objective of end-term evaluation

The objective of the end-term evaluation will be to assess the education project in Kismayo progresses in delivery of the outcomes and based on this make recommendations to take decisions on the future orientation. Also this evaluation will assess the impact of education service availability on realization of durable solution among returnees and IDP children in Kismayo. Further on that, the exercise will deeply analyses the cost effectiveness of institutional based support in education sector and finally will inform all stakeholders including project team the way forward.

The Specific final Evaluation objectives are built on 5 key parameters for the evaluator to study; and these are precisely: relevance, efficiency, effectives, impact and sustainability as described below:

  1. Assess the relevance of the project design (its activities and objectives) in addressing the priority needs of refugee returnees and IDPs in Kismayo.
  2. Assess to what extent the available resources have been used economically in delivering the project outputs/results, in terms of quantity, quality and timeliness (efficiency).
  3. Assess the major achievements of the project to date in relation to its stated objectives and intended results based on the updated logframe (effectiveness);
  4. Asses to what extent the project is contributing to a long-term positive effect of durable solution among refugee returnees and IDPs.
  5. Assess whether the positive outcomes of the project at purpose level are likely to continue after the project (sustainability).


QC will expect from selected consultant firms to conduct end-term evaluation exercise in Kismayo. The consultant firm will employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect and search project-based information. Secondary and primary source of data will be referred to evaluate education project implementation and their performance and to make recommendations for the future programming. To better achieve the intended objective, consultant will undertake:

A. Review the existing project documentation and other literature to draft an inception report.

B. Exercising data collection through using appropriate tools for interview and FGD.

C. Data analyses, evaluation report and presentation.

Suggested Plan of Work (10 days of work)

  1. Meet with project team & review all relevant existing documents such as project description, project agreement, & monthly progressive reports (2 days).
  2. Develop a work plan and schedule for the field work part of the evaluation and relevant questionnaires for the evaluation (1 day).
  3. Conduct end-term assessment in Kismayo specifically new Kismayo settlement (4 days).
  4. Analyse field data, write final evaluation report and present to QC management (3 Days)

Qatar Charity Somalia invites technical and financial proposals from qualified consultants firms working in Somalia. Potential interested consultants are required to submit following documents:

  1. Technical proposal detailing how the work will be done in accordance with the descriptions made on the ToR.
  2. Financial proposal with detailed budget.
  3. Valid registration certificate for companies from the federal government of Somalia.
  4. Experience showing similar assignment done in past.

The deadline to submit application documents are on 17/12/2019, please submit all your documents to:

Kismayo, Somalia
This job has expired.