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Senior Advisor for Social Development Pillar – Qualified Somali expatriates ONLY

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THIS POSITION IS ONLY FOR qualified Somali expatriate

  • Position title: Senior Advisor for Social Development Pillar
  • Duty Station: Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Duration of Assignment: 12 months
  • Ideal candidate: qualified Somali expatriate only

Background Information

About MIDA

The main objective of IOM MIDA Somalia is mobilizing human and financial resources, in order to contribute to the stabilization and development of Somalia through local and diaspora expertise. MIDA provides the necessary mechanisms to improve institutional performance and their capacity to respond to the needs of the Somali people while at the same time maintaining that the knowledge is left behind once the diaspora experts complete their assignment. The beneficiary institution will host the qualified Somali diaspora expert, and will be responsible to provide a safe and secure work environment. MIDA will monitor the expert while in assignment.

About FGS Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development

Somalia has a long tradition of national planning, stretching back decades. In September 2019, The Federal Government of Somalia approved the ninth National Development Plan (NDP-9), 2020-2024, which provides the nation with a path leading to economic growth and reduction of poverty within the next five years.

The NDP-9 builds on the progress of and lessons learned from eighth NDP (NPD-8), which is expired at the end of 2019. Its goal is to reduce poverty and inequality through inclusive economic growth and employment, improved security and rule of law, and strengthened political stability.

As an interim PRSP, the scope for both development targets and government reform is more limited in NPD-9 than it would be in a full poverty reduction plan. In this regard, the aims of NDP-9 are to show progress in the right direction in key national priorities. The intent, therefore, is to monitor and adjust the plan, including baselines, targets and interventions, over its implementation and as data becomes available.

The intention of Somalia’s ninth National Development Plan (NDP-9), 2020-2024, therefore, is to build on the achievements of NDP-8 and to provide the Government of Somalia with a clear path that will lead to significant poverty reduction among the Somali population.

From the analysis, a poverty reduction strategy was formulated – elaborated in respective Pillars — and a set of principles and policy imperatives that bind the priorities into a strategic whole. Implementation, monitoring, aid coordination and accountability arrangements were then devised and placed within a framework of macroeconomic and budgetary projections for the planning period, which ground the NDP-9 in Somalia’s expected economic and fiscal realities.

Activities and Key Results Expected

Under the overall guidance of the Head of Donor Engagement Office of the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development, the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Ensure adherence to the three guiding principles in the implementation of NDP-9.
  2. Facilitate and provide technical support in rolling out the six-fold NDP-9 implementation strategy by MOPIED, pillar line ministries and institutions at federal and FMS levels.
  3. Ensure the integration of the main crosscutting policy imperatives in the design and implementation of projects and programs.
  4. Assist in the alignment of the 4 Road Maps with the 4 NDP-9 Pillars, harmonization of coordination frameworks and technical coordination of Social Development pillar.
  5. Act as the MOPIED focal and resource person for Social Development Pillar’s Working Groups (PWGs).
  6. Provide technical backstopping to FGS Line Ministries and Institutions to align their programmes with NDP-9 priorities, strategies and interventions.
  7. Provide the required technical backstopping to FMS planning ministries in order to establish state level roadmaps that set-out state targets & milestones pertaining to the implementation of NDP-9 strategies/interventions.
  8. Support MOPIED in coordination, facilitation and monitoring of NDP-9 progress in collaboration with FGS MDAs, FMS/BRA planning counterparts and other stakeholders.
  9. Assist in preparation and development of concept notes and technical proposal for projects and programs geared towards the deployment and implementation of NDP-9 at national and subnational levels.
  10. Support the efforts to follow-up, monitor and evaluate implementation progress and propose initiation of measures to strengthen implementation performance.
  11. Enhance the FGS role to ensure optimal coordination and alignment of respective partners’ development plans with the NDP-9.
  12. Periodically review all off-budget ODA for Somalia, in consultation with the pillar line ministries and institutions, NDC, pillar-specific Cabinet Sub-Committees, as necessary and make fitting recommendations;
  13. Participate in the review and assessment of the respective development/strategic plans, programs, projects, assessments and studies development partners and their implementing agencies in relation to NDP-9 priorities;
  14. Ensure inter-plans/programs consistency and provide due guidance to development partners development agencies throughout all stages of the program cycle, i.e. conception, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  15. Ensure intervention programs with a budget up-to $10m are reviewed and endorsed by the relevant pillar lead ministries and institutions based on their alignment with NDP-9 priorities.
  16. Ensure program interventions with a budget of up-to $50m to be reviewed and endorsed by the NDC after considering the analysis and recommendations of the concerned line ministries and institutions at national and subnational levels.
  17. Ensure program interventions in excess of $50m are reviewed with and endorsed by the pillar Cabinet Sub-Committees on the basis of assessment conducted by the DEO.
  18. Other tasks as requested by the Head of Donor Engagement Office at the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development.
  19. Other tasks as requested by the Head of Donor Engagement Office at the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development.

Target Outputs (Measurable Results)

  • Process description
  • Reporting templates
  • External and Internal guidelines developed
  • Quarterly implementation progress reports.
  • Bi-annual and annual implementation performance reports.
  • Ensure Development Partner’s programs/projects align with National priorities (ongoing)
  • Ensure Development Partner’s country strategy is aloigned with national priorities
  • Provide recommendations for clearance letters
  • Lead consultations on respective Pillar programs
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with relevant MDAs Any other output requested by the Head of Donor Engagement Office.

MIDA Requirements

Besides the specific outputs mentioned in section IV, MIDA is requiring the following steps/actions to be undertaken throughout the assignment. These are standard requirements for all assignments undertaken through this project:

1. Transfer of skills: One of the main responsibilities of the qualified Somali expatriate, and one which he/she will be measured against, will be to ensure continuous and systematic transfer of knowledge and skills as related to the assignment. It will have to be agreed with the beneficiary institution which civil servants will have to benefit from this knowledge.

2. Work plan: A work plan will have to be developed with the Supervisor during the first week of assignment which will provide clear and time bound activities to successfully implement the outputs of the assignment. This work plan will be shared with the MIDA focal person in the field. This work plan can be revised during the mid-term review to reflect new developments or changes in strategy.

3. Mid Term Review: there will be a mid-term review of the assignment between the incumbent and the beneficiary institution to discuss progress of the assignment and feedback on performance.

4. Interim and Final Reports: A progress report will be submitted by the incumbent to the Supervisor and to the MIDA focal person in the field. Thereafter a final report will be provided at the end of assignment.


  • Level of Education: Master in International Studies or related fields
  • Years of work experience in what area(s): 5 years or more in governance and socio-economic development. 5 years or more in government work.
  • Languages needed: English and Somali

General Skills / Other Requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge and professional experience in peace and security, state formation, governance, and institutional reform, particularly in post-conflict, conflict-affected and fragile state contexts.
  • Experience in humanitarian, development, governance and institution building
  • Strong conceptual, problem-solving and analytical skills; and the capacity to produce high quality technical, analytical and conceptual work.
  • Good knowledge of MS Word, Excel


Under the direction of IOM MIDA and in consultation with the beneficiary institution, it has been determined that the salary level for this position be the following:

(This will be determined by MIDA based on qualifications (VI) and level of the assignment (X).

Security and insurance modalities

Health insurance, including evacuation due to medical emergency, will be provided by the project. However, experts will be requested to provide a recent medical certificate stating that they are physically well and apt to work in a hardship area in Africa.

Please note that neither IOM nor the donor, according to the contract, will be responsible for the security of the qualified Somali expatriates. The host beneficiary institution will be responsible for the security of the individual.

Before leaving the country of residence and upon arrival in Nairobi or in Somalia, the qualified Somali expatriate will receive a pre-departure briefing including security advice and cultural background.


To apply please send your CV (with two professional references including their email and phone number) and a cover letter by email to

Kindly write: Senior Advisor for Social Development Pillar in the subject field of the email when sending the application.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.