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Term of Reference (TOR) for producing a film for EVC Program

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Term of Reference (TOR) for producing a film for EVC Program


Negative stereotypes towards youth participation in decision-making are deeply embedded in Somali cultural attitudes. This norm has affected youth particularly young women to recognize their potential and abilities to participate in decision making processes that affect themselves. In Year 4, Every Voice Counts (EVC) program will continue to focus on sensitizing power-holders with specific emphasis on traditional elders and also the young men and women to get to know their rights and potential. The program will launch a campaign that will run for six months to persuade young women in PL who think their male peers don’t see them capable of leadership, that they can overcome that prejudice and that other women have managed to become leaders and been listened to. The very campaign will target clan elders who are worried that youth are incapable of leadership, that they can share responsibility with young people and can see youth as skilled and accustomed with modern governance system Thus a media engagement campaign plan was developed and will be used storytelling materials, broadcast messages and programs on social and mainstream media to dispel negative stereotypes about young men and women’s leadership and promote understanding on why it is important youth to be part of decision-making process. The team will engage influential figures such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, civil society activists and, artists to materialize the campaign.

Purpose of the consultancy

The overall objective of this assignment is to create audio-visual piece of Five successful young women leaders to share their successes and challenges to inspire young females by following their stories, the film will showcase the challenges they faced and how they would overcome them. To achieve this, the consultant/filmmaker will embark on depth interviews and film the five young women leaders.

The target audience of this film is the young girls in Puntland who think that they are incapable of leadership by sharing them the stories of successful women leaders who will share their stories of struggle through the film. The film will inspire the young girls to get confidence on seeking their rights, showing their desire to participate in decision making processes and to demonstrate their ambitions by either initiating public rallies or joining the existing platforms in which women rights are advocated for.

The program will use both offline and online engagement to spread the message ad it will deploy different mainstream media to broadcast.

Specific tasks for the consultant

· Lead the process of drafting a brief outline and script guiding film shooting and editing procedure- set out the storyline and show the challenges and the problems faced by the selected objects of the story (the five female leaders);

· In collaboration with CARE, plan and schedule to conduct interviews with the selected objects and film clips and images of the objects doing their day to day activities. And film any other relevant clips and images based on the approved script. The footage should capture wide, medium, and close-up shots of the objects doing office work/action-oriented b-rolls, talking to the communities, etc. One recommendation, Time lapses are always encouraged. Also capturing scene-setter footage with room for adding graphics later is encouraged;

· Interview footage must be accompanied a written consent from the object/the person should give permission on camera for CARE to utilize the footage of them;

· Film, edit and produce a high-quality documentary on the selected young women in PL. the final clip will be played in different occasions;

· In summary, the entire film production i.e. writing, filming, editing, subtitling, etc. will be done by the contractor, s/he will deliver a final ready-to-air product in broadcast standards and in HD technology format. The entire development and production process will be closely monitored by the CARE’s communications team by providing frequent review, comments and necessary inputs support when needed;

· In addition to the documentary, capture at least 50 high quality pictures.

CARE’s role in this assignment

· CARE will take the lead of drafting brief synopsis and script setting out the situation of the target objects

· Establish and facilitate contact with field staff involved and any external contacts needed. Also facilitate travel logistics when/where necessary;

· Set appointments, help take the interview, and explain the mission to the target participant.

· Help drafting brief synopsis and script setting out the situation of the target objects;

· Provide feedback when and where necessary;

· Meet the relevant costs related to this production, as agreed in the contract upon approved offer;

· Review and approve the draft and final production as stipulated in the deliverables section of contract;


· Final Storyboard/script, detailed work plan with clear timeline from filming, interviewing and editing.

· First cut of movie (draft)

· Project files & all raw material

· Final cut of movie

Two Short video in HD (2-3 minute) long each clip, edited with English subtitles or English voice-over in HD format.

A minimum of 50 High resolution photographs: (High-quality and high-resolution, edited and captioned pictures delivered on HD)

Location of the interviews:


Number of Interviews


1 young woman


1 young woman


1 young woman


1 young woman


1 Young Woman

Preferred Qualifications:

· Demonstrate his/her experience in the area of documentary film making, producing, directing and editing;

· Experience working with INGOs/LNGOs;

· Have an access to the highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment;

· Ability to operate under strict time limits and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining high level of professionalism;

· Track record of successful materials filmed in the region and/or on similar topics is a must.

· Willingness to travel to remote areas in Somalia.

· Somali and English languages.

Please send your complete technical and financial proposals to this email; clearly marking the subject line “ producing a film for EVC Program” no later than Thursday, 21nd November 2019 5:00PM

This job has expired.