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Terms of Reference for the Technical Assessment of Badhan, Dhahar and Rural Road connecting Lasqorey – Bosaso Road Infrastructure Improvements

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CARE International in Somalia

Terms of Reference for the Technical Assessment of Badhan, Dhahar and Rural Road connecting Lasqorey – Bosaso Road Infrastructure Improvements

1.0. Introduction

CARE International is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. Its programs go beyond meeting basic needs at the onset of an emergency to helping affected communities recover and rebuild their lives long after the crisis ends. To this end, it is implementing a variety of longer-term development activities aimed at supporting the community in the achievement of its development milestones. CARE works in partnership with the government, international NGOs, civil society, leaders and local authorities in order to bring effective and lasting change to the most vulnerable communities in Somalia.

CARE has received funding from Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) that is designed to strengthen local governance and conflict management mechanisms at village level in Badhan, Buran, Dhahar and Xiin Galool districts with aim to engage communities in participatory decision making and thus an increase in grassroots governance systems and link to the district authority, regional and finally to the national government. The approach adopted by the project is community driven development (CDD) where the community implements the project through Village Council (VC) responsible for all government roles at the village level. Village is the heart of the Somali community, and as long as the central level institutions are unable to provide adequate services, the demands on the village will remain great. As part of limited contribution intended to relief the greater demands of the villages; Horseed Bulsho III (CDD) project contributes to specific micro projects whereby target communities are given space to identify community priorities through inclusive participation and community involvements.

The current Horseed Bulsho III project has two primary components: i) a community or institution-building and planning component and ii) a block grant for a project identified by the community. Most of the block grants identified by the communities focused more on basic infrastructure services. Hence, through the use of block grants some of the community target institutions selected are road infrastructure improvements. For the effective utilization of the specific community selected micro project against the available project contribution resources, the project aims to develop a tangible technical support to improve rural accessibility through upgrading and maintenance of rural roads in various project areas.

The technical assessment of the roads designed to be undertaken by qualified engineers/firms specifically focuses on the construction of 1.5 to 2 Km paved roads in Badhan and Dhahar and the rehabilitation of the road connecting Lasqorey to Bosaso. Under the project, the paved roads in Badhan and Dhahar will be constructed to the required standard design plus other important features including drainage systems. While the road connecting Lasqorey to Bosaso is rough and uneven surface and is constantly affected by flooding or other obstructions. Under the project, the road that connects Lasqorey to Bosaso will be rehabilitated in about six sites that have been assessed and reported as high priority which have been badly destroyed by the heavy floods

2.0. Purpose of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to provide engineering services to ensure that the assessment, designs and technical specifications for the paved and gravel roads are prepared to meet appropriate standards and the roads are constructed in accordance with sound technical standards. In this regard, this assignment will require a highly qualified road engineer to undertake the tasks listed under the Scope of Services


a) Badhan and Dhahar Towns (tarmac roads)

b) Lasqorey to Bosaso Road

a) Badhan and Dhahar Road Infrastructure Improvement

Most of the major towns of Sanaag region except Erigavo do not have a single paved road and it is widely believed that this limits their access to economic opportunities because the poor transportation infrastructure limits access to markets and public services. Dhahar and Badhan communities have identified that any road infrastructure improvement intervention can improve the expansion of road networks, improve accessibility and mobility among districts and regions resulting in a more balanced distribution of income and better living conditions and boosting business interactions in the Sanaag region spheres.

Topographically, Dhahar and Badhan have varied topographic and physical terrain status. Badhan lies in hilly or mountainous neighborhoods and basins while Dhahar is situated in a flat and a bit sloppy surface and geological conditions of soil pattern and texture as typical to Sool Plateau. Both locations experience inadequate transportation facilities which has resulted in the obstruction of traffic mobility and the roads are impassable during the rainy season. Both locations have identified one main gravel road that runs in the center of the towns.

b) Road connection Lasqorey to Bosaso

The Bossaso – Laasqoray feeder road is approximately 130km rough road that runs along the seaside of Gulf of Aden. It is the main supply line and the heart of the region’s major potential economic corridors. The road extends its reach further to 36 villages that fall under Laasqoray district, serving a significant population. The rural community living in these villages comprise of poor people who do not have access to adequate rural transport infrastructure which is a major factor contributing to the poverty of the rural population living in the coastal zones.

In December 2019, CARE conducted an assessment on the situation of the road that connects Lasqorey to Bosaso, nonetheless, it is anticipated that the recent rains that hit in the areas brought floods that again led rapid deterioration of the road infrastructure. The outcome of this assessment showed the deterioration is linked to the exposure of the households to economic vulnerability. The Lasqorey to Bosaso road infrastructure rehabilitation is expected to contribute to restoring the livelihoods of the people affected by the transportation bottlenecks.

3. Objectives

The objectives of this consultancy are to:

3.1) Undertake comprehensive technical assessments and surveys to come up the final design of the roads;

3.2) Prepare the designs for the road using the results from the technical assessment, as reviewed and accepted by the Program Engineer and Project management;

3.3) Finalize the preparation of the bidding documents for the roads;

3.4) Present standard technical/structural designs and specifications;

3.5) Ensure that the road is constructed in accordance with the approved designs and specifications.

  1. Scope of Services

The selected engineer/firm will undertake the following tasks:

4.1) Working in close collaboration with CARE Rural Program Engineer Manager, CDD staff, respective local authorities and other relevant stakeholders

4.2) Review previous studies and necessary reports, identify information gaps and to finalize the detailed information and data that will inform the designs of the roads;

4.3) Develop the preliminary designs and technical specifications for the roads for consultation with the Rural Program Engineer Manager, CDD staff, and respective local authorities;

4.4) Display in the design the typical section of the asphalt roads (categorize as subgrade soils, stone/gravel base, maximum asphalt base and maximum asphalt surface);

4.5) Finalize the preliminary designs and technical specifications based on feedback and technical inputs from Rural Program Engineer, CDD staff, respective local authorities;

4.6) Considering the nature of the locations, bear in mind low-cost design possibilities and other hand the durability of the roads;

4.7) Develop and offer a costed Bill of Quantities based on the design accepted by rural women Program Engineer Manager and relevant authorities;

4.8) Collect all coordinates (GPS reading) from all sites that you had visited ad finally develop and prepare layouts of sites through google earth displays;

4.9) Preparation of Final Report detailing the structure designs and road construction and rehabilitation as well as recommendations on a maintenance plan for the road and ancillary structure.

5. Qualification and Skills

The following qualifications and skills must be met by the engineer in order to be considered eligible to undertake the duties set out under the scope of services

o A minimum a Bachelor of Engineering. A Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, with specialization in roads engineering, would be preferred;

o A minimum of 5 years overall engineering experience on structural design and construction of infrastructure projects, at least 3 years of which should be on road design and construction and at least 3 years’ experience in the context of Somalia physical environment;

o Specific experience on the structural design and construction of rural roads in mountainous and plateau terrains;

6. Reporting Requirements

While carrying-out the actual fieldwork, the consultant will be directly supervised by the Rural Program Engineer Manager based in the field

In Badhan , the consultant will report to the Project Manager and in his absence to any of the CDD project CARE team members

  1. Terms of Payment

This contract shall be a fixed price contract and will be paid upon completion of the assigned work and acceptance of the report

  1. The consultancy will be for a period of 13 Days

Activity details


Preparation and literature review to all relevant documents


Visit to Dhahar and conduct comprehensive technical road assessment through consultation with concerned stakeholders


Visit to Badhan and conduct comprehensive technical road assessment through consultation with concerned stakeholders


Visit and Assess the situation of the road connecting Lasqorey to Bosaso, conduct comprehensive technical road assessment through consultation with concerned stakeholders


Finalization of Designs, specification, BoQs and report writing


Travel days


How to apply

All interested local engineering consultants should send Technical proposal that demonstrates clearly (Understanding of the TOR and the task to be accomplished, Draft work plan) and Financial Proposal (daily consultant rate) with email subject Consultancy to Technical Assessment of Badhan, Dhahar and Rural Road connecting Lasqorey – Bosaso Road Infrastructure Improvements” shall be sent electronically to on or before 11TH June, 2020 by 5pm Local Time. Late submissions will not be considered for further evaluations.**

Garoowe, Somalia
This job has expired.