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Third Party Monitoring and Verification Consultancy

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Third Party Monitoring and Verification Consultancy



Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid (HIJRA) is an international humanitarian and development organization that positively contributes towards improving the living standards and conditions of those adversely affected by disasters and conflict in the Horn and East Africa.

HIJRA is embarking on a programme to offer Third Party Monitoring Services in Somalia. HIJRA shall work across the Donor’s entire multi-sectoral intervention portfolio in Somalia, with the aim of providing greater access to field locations, verification and validation of programme data, thereby enhancing the quality of data collected, and ensuring a higher frequency of data collection and project site visits. This will ultimately promote greater accountability, enhance risk management and improve learning insights for better programme performance.


The specific objectives that the project aims to achieve are to:

  1. Enhance the Donor’s remote and field monitoring and evaluation capabilities through the provision of timely and accurate program performance measurement data Complement;
  2. Enhance the Donor’s existing monitoring mechanisms in both size and scope, by conducting continuous review of program implementation and
  3. Provide independent and verifiable evidence of the delivery of assistance to beneficiaries, with special focus on levels of satisfaction, quantity and quality;


  1. Development of Relevant Monitoring and Compliance Tools:
  2. On site Collection, Validation and Management of Monitoring Data;
  3. Analysis and Reporting of Monitoring Data;
  4. Establishment of beneficiary feedback mechanism(s)


The selected individual will conduct different types of monitoring activities; the minimum set will include:

  • Beneficiary verification and feedback for Accountability to Affected Populations
  • Direct observation and on-site verification on the implementation of programmes
  • Service delivery verification
  • Post-distribution monitoring
  • Situational Analysis of Population and Operational environment.


HIJRA’s supported services will be monitored with regard to the below criteria:

1. Availability of services:

Assessment of the extent to which the provider has met its service delivery commitments in the Work Plan (including staff, supplies and equipment etc.), as well as the adherence to technical parameters and specifications, such as Bill of Quantities, and verification of progress and distribution reports.

2. Relevancy/Appropriateness of services:

Assessment of whether the designed services (including supplies) match needs of the local population. Identification of service delivery gaps in terms of quantity and quality, and challenges faced.

3. Accessibility of services:

Assessment of accessibility of services by target groups living in the programme area in terms of physical and geographical accessibility, economical accessibility/affordability, information accessibility, operational accessibility (e.g. Working hours, availability of phone lines, appointment system) and discrimination.


HIJRA’s activities cover the South Central, Somaliland and Puntland regions of Somalia.


1. Development of Methodology, Tools and SOPs:

All tools and procedures for monitoring should be agreed with HIJRA. All relevant forms will be developed by the organization and approved by HIJRA. The minimum types of monitoring will include:

  • Beneficiary verification and feedback for Accountability to Affected Populations
  • Direct observation and on-site verification on the implementation of programmes
  • Service delivery verification
  • Post-distribution monitoring
  • Situational Analysis of population and operational environment.

2. Training of Teams:

A training of project and monitoring staff is required to ensure that they understand HIJRA mandate, programme and partnerships, and that they understand the structure of the data to be collected, compiled and analysed. The organization will facilitate this training, with the support of HIJRA staff.

3. Third party monitoring team:

To conduct the monitoring visits, the consultant should be able to mobilize a trusted team, including personnel for:

  • Field monitors
  • Project management
  • data analysis
  • reporting

4. Review Meetings:

Frequent meetings with HIJRA, and an introductory meeting with partners will be needed at the beginning of the contract. At least monthly meetings with the project team will be required to debrief on the implementing partners. These meetings will be arranged by the organization. If possible, these meetings should be held with the presence of the field monitoring team.

5. Data Compilation/ Analysis/ Reporting:

The consultant will ensure sufficient capacity is in place for data analysis and reporting. Each month a report should be submitted, as well as each quarter and a final one. Analysis should include access and security updates and maps.


15th November to 31st December 2019


The following outputs are expected of the consultant

  1. Third party Monitoring and Verification report capturing the findings on achievement against target, accountability to beneficiaries, engagement with stakeholders, challenges and bottlenecks to implementation if any with actionable and evidence-based recommendations
  2. Detailed methodology, sampling and data collection tools Cleaned data sets.


Individual consultant Profile

  • Strong work experience in providing consultancy on monitoring, evaluation, data analysis, reporting and field-based research or survey services
  • Demonstrable capacity to carry work in all parts of Somalia through the existence of well-established networks (full access to government, districts, and village levels).
  • Previous experience of working with the INGOs and/or the UN agencies in delivering monitoring, evaluation, data collection, analysis and reporting activities.
  • Post graduate qualifications (MA level) in social science, particularly economics, agriculture, food security, entrepreneurship or related fields Minimum of 7 years of demonstrated professional experience delivering Monitoring and Evaluations services
  • Proven experience in conducting quality project Monitoring and Evaluation including third party monitoring particularly in multiple humanitarian sectors;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural context of Somali people will be an asset.
  • Solid analytical, result based planning, report writing, communication and diplomacy skills with the ability to correlate different data sets to actionable conclusions.
  • English language skills (report should be written in English).
  • Ability to make clear presentations and disseminate findings to both the technical and nontechnical audience

Interested Individuals are requested to send their technical and financial proposals to by 20th of November 2019. Please include ‘TPM Consultancy’ in the subject field of the email.

Mogadishu, Somalia
This job has expired.