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NRC is implementing Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS), a DFID funded multiyear program through a consortium of eight agencies. BRCiS contributes to the resilience of communities through improved performance of agriculture, livestock and fisheries, economic development and the Social and Human Development. BRCiS works through clustered communities as a basic programming unit and community participatory assessments inform adoptive programming.

NRC is seeking to commission a consultancy for staff capacity building to understand the link between Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) and resilience. Business or saving opportunities were missed out when villages where considered as isolated communities rather than part of a greater system. Therefore, project created and or increased linkages between the communities and stakeholders that pertained to their greater ecosystem: linking marginalized groups to larger clans through markets and businesses. Moreover, program focusses on Building on nutrition specific interventions to incorporate empowering interventions: e.g. mother to mother support groups for IYCF incorporating savings and loans schemes. In line to the evolving guidance from the Cash Working Group and DFID-approved donor harmonization will be followed and the continued emphasis on targeting the most-vulnerable households with life and livelihood saving aid will remain. This will entail through establishment of communities saving groups, opening of the bank accounts, financial management at the community level and internal loaning / recovery. This is envisaged that VSLA will help communities to improve efficiency of their productive assets and communities will be able to strengthen their relations with other stakeholders for sustainable development. Therefore, NRC requires services of a professional consultant / company to train program for establishment of VSLA in various program areas.

VSLA Training Objectives:

The four dimensions of resilience are framed in terms of building Anticipatory, Adaptive, Absorptive transformative Capacity with communities. Therefore, this consultancy is meant to build capacity of NRC staff in Mogadishu and Hargiesa for exploring and adaptation of VSLA approaches through guidance on VSLA operations procedures, formation and sharing of successful models for economic development, sustainability and self-reliance. Following are the key objectives that this consultancy is set to achieve:

  • NRC program team to be trained on the concept that does VSLAs increase resilience through changes in the financial capabilities of households, especially changes in income and assets?
  • Team is to be oriented on establishment, operation and record keeping of VSLA.
  • Mapping of available Financial funding streams.
  • Orientation of staff around specific business plans development by VSLA.

3. Scope of work

This consultancy involves training of 15 NRC Staff in Somaliland, 10 in Jubaland and 15 in South central regions. Following are the key areas to be focused:

  • How to improve communities’ behavior and attitude towards savings, loans and income generation during times of crises?
  • Establishing of communities groups and introduction of VSLA concept
  • VSLA Management structures and gender composition.
  • Recording keeping
  • Loaning, entrepreneurship and recovery processes.
  • External liaison and tapping available funding streams.

4. Methodology

The consultant is expected to develop a detailed training methodology and training approaches based on their understanding of the terms of reference. The final training methodology and training approaches shall be agreed upon between the consultant and the NRC. Following are the expected key tasks for this short term consultancy in both places (Hargeisa and Mogadishu):

  • Develop course outline and contents of the Training of Trainers
  • Prepare necessary handouts for the participants.
  • Prepare a training delivery schedule.
  • Submit the final training documents (manual and power point slides, group work exercise etc.
  • Prepare and submit the training reports with photographs of the participants

5. Contract and Logistics

  • The consultant will sign a contract including terms and conditions of the consultancy and payment modalities.
  • The consultant’s travel costs (to and from locations) as well as accommodation will be covered by NRC.
  • The consultant will abide with NRC’s rules and regulations related to security
  • The consultant will fulfil and respect and adhere to internationally recognized humanitarian, human rights, refugee, returnee, IDPs, effected people by hazards and ethical standards at all times and during the entire consultancy period.
  • While working in the field, the consultant will be offered office space where NRC has a field office
  • NRC will organize logistics, movement and security escorts where needed.\

6. Qualifications and Experience

  • University Master degree in economics, business management, rural development related disciple including, agro-economics, agriculture, development studies, social work, development studies,
  • Minimum of 8 years of proven working experience in field of livelihoods and rural development including ToT for conducting community or staff trainings with strong focus on micro finances, small business management and empowering women.
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitation of VSLA trainings and use of participatory and adult learning techniques. Must have conducted similar work for other INGOs or UN agencies.
  • Have presentation skills and good report writing skills
  • Fluent in both Somali and English languages, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to travel to remote villages in Hargeisa and Mogadishu.

All Applications should be submitted by 9th December 2019 at 4:00pm and to be sent to the this email:

All queries to be addressed to:

This job has expired.